Are Komodo Dragons Dangerous? Do Komodo Dragons Eat People?

Dragon’s look, lizard’s body, shark’s teeth, armour skin, and sharp claws urge us to imagine Komodo dragons as a beast. With a solid and venomous bite, they are also very dangerous. After such deadly adaptations, some people want to raise a Komodo dragon as their pet. So, many questions arise: are komodo dragons dangerous to humans, or can they be tame? 

Komodo dragons are very dangerous for both humans and animals. Their bite’s strength is about 1000 PSI which is ¼ of the shark bite. You must know the power of a shark bite is almost 4000 PSI. Here, you can imagine the power of the Komodo dragon’s bite. The Komodo dragon’s teeth, bacteria, and venom also make its bite savage. Further, they can run at a speed of 20 km, making them more dangerous. 

Above was a little drop in knowledge about the topic. Below, we will talk about the subject in this way so that you don’t need to go anywhere else for more knowledge.

So, let’s uncover. 

Why Are Komodo Dragons Dangerous?

These giant lizards are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Below, we will talk deeply about them.

They Have Deadly Bite:

Komodo’s bite is very dangerous. It’s the major adaptation that makes them very dangerous. Komodos have 60 razor-like sharp teeth. They use them to tear their prey into pieces.

First, they penetrate their teeth into the muscles of their prey and then pull the muscle out of the body. 

Important Note: By seeing its gums, don’t think they do not have teeth. Their teeth are hidden under their gums. 

Early, it was considered false information that Komodo had venom. There was no concept that they had venom. It was believed that victims died of their saliva’s harmful bacteria. It is scientifically proven that dragons have poison in their lower jaws. It was verified by Bryan Fry and his companions in 2002. 

This venom is full of toxins that kill their victim by paralyzing them. It also disables blood to make clottings which leads to severe blood loss.  

They Are Quick Creatures:

Komodo dragons are giant lizards. Just as domestic lizards are very quick, they are also fast. Komodo dragons can run at the speed of 20 km, which is reasonably more than humans.  

While hunting, they hid themselves in bushes and stayed calm and still. When their prey passes from there, they suddenly attack and bite it. After getting bitten, it is not easy for their prey to escape.

This way, they easily grab their prey by mixing their hunting technique and agility.

They Attack In Packs:

Usually, they attack those animals which are smaller than their size. So, they attack alone and eat their prey by themselves.

Sometimes, they attack in packs to hunt enormous/big prey. We don’t find the pattern behind this act. It is because a single Komodo has enough power to kill a huge prey, but still, they often hunt in packs. They make such attacks unpredictably.

They Are Opportunistic Predators:

As discussed above, they are terrestrial animals with excellent hunting skills. They are famous as opportunistic carnivores. They eat sarcasm without any hesitation. They kill small animals like pigs, rabbits, birds and big animals like deer and horses. 

As opportunistic carnivores, they can attack humans, also. The size of an adult human is not bigger than its prey, which also allows them to attack humans.

Are Komodo Dragons Aggressive?

As a wild creature, having aggression is not uncommon. They do not found all over the world. In Indonesia, they live at Gili Motang, Rina, Padar, Flores, and Komodo islands. So, it’s not common to get in touch with any human. 

Their nature is predatory, which may also cause their aggression. They never allow anyone to come into their territory. Showing aggression to prevent their children from other predators is not accurate. In actuality, they also eat their childrens because of it; small Komodo live on trees. 

In this scenario, when they feel threatened or uncomfortable due to the presence of other creatures, they also may get aggressive. As they are apex predators, their mood may also be aggressive every time. 

The presence of humans also can bother them, and due to their animal instincts, they can be aggressive. So, staying a reasonable distance is better if you face this giant lizard. 

Do Komodo Dragons Eat Humans?

Komodo dragons are opportunistic creatures and will eat anything they find. They can make attack water buffalo, which are more massive than humans. So, they also can attack humans and can eat them.

Wild animals avoid attacking those creatures which are more significant than them or have the ability to kill them. When it comes to humans, they are neither big enough nor have adaptations to fight with them. 

Humans also can not overrun these creatures because they are faster than humans.

Further, many cases happen when they dig graves near their homes and eat corpses. Hey, stay. Don’t be afraid because it is not an ordinary incident. They dig graves when they do not find anything to eat. 

Due to them, many people start their graveyards in a new place far from them. Further, digging a deep grave to prevent your loved one’s corpse from eating these creatures is essential. You can also put some rocks and cover these graves with them for further protection.   

How To Survive A Komodo Dragon Attack?

We discuss how they can attack humans, and many historical incidents prove it. If you are not an Indonesian, there is almost no chance to face a Komodo dragon without captivity, but still, it is a guide to survive a Komodo dragon attack. 

You must read it. 

Don’t Stay At That Place:

Staying before a Komodo dragon after facing it is a foolish plan. They also attack in packs and might be in a group. So, neither stay there nor turn your back on it. You need to move away slowly.

With that, also focus on your environment and remain away from bushes. It is because Komodo dragons hid themselves in bushes before attacking bigger prey.

Don’t Get Bitten:

If you are stuck, never allow it to bite you. If any lizard bites, its venom will spread in your body in no time.

After spreading in the body, the poison will paralyze your body, and your body will not be able to do its job.

So, try to make a reasonable distance. 

Find Help And Make Counter Attack:

They live in a place full of trees which is a positive point for you. You can use objects as a tool to counterattack them. 

The head of the Komodo dragon is not too hard and strong. Even they use the power of their shoulders while biting their prey. 

So, make attacks on their head and eyes. If it is one, you can do that, but if a group of Komodo dragons attacks you, you must try to escape from that place.

Important Note: You must remember Komodo dragons cannot get on a tree. 

Don’t run straight:

If no option remains and it’s time to make a run, don’t run straight in front of them. It is because they can run fast straight as compared to humans.

So, run in a zig-zag pattern and use your surroundings to deceive it. Make barriers in their way, which decreases its speed. Moreover, they can not make long runs at fast speeds. After a quick little run, it will leave you because they are not built for a longer run. 


Komodo dragons are dangerous creatures for both animals and humans. Their sharp scales and venomous bite can kill any creature in no time. They have versatility in food behaviors. As young lizards, they eat small animals such as snakes, birds, and rodents. As adults, they eat giant creatures such as deer, goats, horses, and water buffalo. 

Killing and eating humans is uncommon, but they will never miss it if they can eat a human. Thanks to Mother Nature, these creatures do not live worldwide. Mother Nature restricts it to just some islands of Indonesia. 

So, don’t be afraid if you are not an Indonesian resident, but on the flip side, if you are, you must read our guide about surviving a Komodo dragon attack. It might be beneficial for you. 


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