Are Pandas Friendly? Panda’s Behaviour Explained

Getting in love with panda-like cute-looking creatures is easy for humans, but what if they do not like you in response? Pandas are creatures with symmetrical shapes, white and black bodies, and also have cute-looking soft fur on its body. Due to their overloaded cuteness, many individuals wish to make them their pets. So, there some questions arise, are pandas friendly? Do they attack humans?

Pandas are very slow and lazy creatures. Their movements and daily behaviors tell us a lot about them. They are lazy enough that they never prefer to walk for a little distance.

When it comes to their friendly nature, they are independent creatures. The child panda may behave friendly, but an adult can attack anytime. They also possess sharp claws in their paws, which are enough to make severe wounds to a human. Its bite is also among the strongest bite. So, it is recommended to stay at a healthy distance from it. 

Are Pandas Friendly?

Pandas are solitary animals. They do not like to live socially, even with their families. In the wild, their encounters with humans are not common. If you ever face a panda, this encounter might happen in any zoo. Do you notice that while they are in a single cage, pandas look busy with their doings? They live with the principle of “mind your own business.”

Almost, there all time passes in eating.  Sometimes, they roll here and there, which looks cute. Seeing pandas walking is a rare incident. They eat almost 16 to 18 hours daily and take naps between eating.

Overall, they are not dangerous and quite calm, but if they feel threatened or any nuance makes them furious, their attack can be harmful. It is due to their adaptations, like a bear. 

Pandas cannot be friendly. They show some calm behavior to their caretakers in the zoo because they feed them, but they are wild creatures and cannot be tame.

Do Pandas Aggressive? If YES, Tell Me How Much?

Pands are famous due to their calm and playful nature. They never make the nuance, proving pandas are not naturally aggressive. 

In other conditions, when anyone bothers them or makes sudden actions near them, they might feel them as dangerous. In such scenarios, they can get aggressive, and it is possible they can make counterattacks. 

It is proved by many incidents in which people try to invade their cages and get bitten by these giants.

By looking at an adult panda with a little focus, you must feel that it is just a bear in this cute-looking shape. Pandas have adaptations like bears, such as strong bites and sharp claws. They can severely damage humans, just as a bear can do.

Important Note: Giant Pandas are also added to the bear family. They often eat small birds and rodents, which proves them carnivores.

Further, they make fights with one another for their territory. They never allow other creatures to intrude in their place and use their resources. 

They also fight in the mating season to impress the female panda and show dominance. 

Are Pandas Social?

Due to their playing and joyful behavior, we imagine pandas as social animals, but the reality is adverse.

Pandas are not social aniamls. Male pandas live with female pandas just during mating season. This season lasts for a month in a whole year. During mating season, males and females excrete a special smell that helps them find each other. 

After this, they gain live solitary life. They are so lonely that their cub leaves his mother after weaning. 

Important Note: The weaning process is when an offspring drinks its mother’s milk and completely relies on it.

One other thing you must know about pandas. The male panda goes away after mating with the female.

On the flip side, when a female panda gives birth to twins, it chooses the strong one and leaves the weaker one to die.

Such a brutal doing by this cute creature. Still, you imagine them as cute animals.

Do Pandas Territory Animals?

Yes, pandas are also territory animals. Both males and female pandas have their territories. They prefer to live a peaceful life without intruding on any other’s matter. 

They use their body secretion and urine to mark their territory. They imprint all trees and rocks which present in their territory.

With the help of these prints, they warn other animals not to enter their territory. It saves pandas from making an attack on one another for water resources.

Yes, you listen, right? Pands also make fights when it comes to their territory. In the wild, many pandas are seen with severe wounds on their body, which proves the existence of their fight.

For instance, a panda raised in a captive was left in the wild. Soon, it died due to the attack of other pandas. It might get into their territories or use their drinking water resources. This incident also proves that pandas are territory animals.

Do Pandas Like Humans?

People love pandas, but pandas are not ready to do that. They do not like humans. It may be due to their shy nature because when any encounter happens between humans and pandas, pandas downward their heads and hide their faces with the help of their hands. Such kind of their doings allows us to think of pandas as cute animals.

In actuality, they are not familiar to anyone. They live on their own. Their eating behavior also consumes most of their time. As they need to eat for too much time a day (which is the basic need for their survival), they get little time spent sleeping. Their whole day goes through for their survival, and they do not have time to be friendly with someone.

In captivity, they become a little familiar to their caretakers. They know that they are the only caretakers who feed them. So, it is not valuable to disrespect them.

Further, they are giants than humans and possess strong bites. Their claws are also retractable. So, they have enough adaptations to bring down a human. Any sudden attack by them can lead a person to death; it does not matter if it happens accidentally or intentionally.

Overall, pandas do not like humans, and their every bond is based on their benefit.


Pandas’ life is very slow and disgraceful life. They spent all of their time eating and sleeping. They look friendly, but actually, they are not friendly to anyone. Opportunistically, they behave friendly with their caretakers in captivity.

In the wild, never try to assume them, harmless creatures. They will shy and never try to attack you, but if they feel threatened, their attack may resemble a bear’s attack. It is because they are bears in cute look versions.

Hopefully, our article helps you a lot, and now you can answer the question, are pandas friendly?

FAQs – How Friendly Are Pandas?

Is it ok to hug a panda?

No, it is not ok to hug a panda. They are animals and may have many different leaches and fatal germs on their bodies. These things might lead you to severe diseases.

Further, they are massive in size and also have a strong bite. Such adaptations can cause serious trauma if you get caught by them.

Are Pandas Playful?

They are solitary animals, so how can they play with one another? They are playful creatures. Young cubs are also found playing with one another, but mostly, this concept gets fired from zoos.

In zoos, pandas are seen rolling and tumbling. They are also seen making summersaults and busy playing with balls. Here, they live in one cage but might never be friends in the wild. It is because no one allows others to enter their territory.


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