Bald Eagles in Highfill, Arkansas, May Be in Danger—Act Now!


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Last year, PETA was alerted to the proposed rezoning of land along W. Arkansas Highway 12 in Highfill, Arkansas, which is reportedly a well-established nesting area for bald eagles. After hearing from PETA supporters, town officials voted against issuing permits that would allow billion-dollar development company D.R. Horton to bulldoze and build on the land. Sadly, just months later, we’ve been told that new permits to develop the land are already being considered. The next council meeting is scheduled for February 13, and the next planning commission meeting is scheduled for February 27.

We need your voices once more! Please contact the city via its Facebook page and call the following officials urging them to safeguard these beautiful, federally protected birds:

City of Highfill Government Facebook Page

Mayor Chris Holland
479-736-5711, ext. 0004

Highfill City Council Members

Toby Lester, Ward 1 Position 1, 479-236-0700
Jessica Wilmoth, Ward 1 Position 2, 479-224-8086
Jayme Thompson, Ward 2 Position 1, 479-925-8787
Justin Allen, Ward 2 Position 2, 908-406-0675
Shai Idelman, Ward 3 Position 1, 513-800-9616
Jack Loyd, Ward 3 Position 2, 479-426-0444

Then use the form below to send them an e-mail encouraging them to do the same.


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