Bear vs. Rhino: Who Would Win In A Fight?


Comparing things is one of the central myths of humans. They do this to get information about a specific topic or when they prefer something over another. My team and I are animal lovers and talk about them in our gatherings. Mostly, we compare two animals, such as cheetah vs. lion and tiger vs. hyena, to know their strengths and weakness. Bear vs. rhino is also one of these topics. We start this conversation with the mindset of knowing who will win a fight between a bear and a rhino.

Providing an answer to the question is not simple. Even we cannot tell the right winning percentage of this fight. First, the chance of these animals fighting is very low. It is because they are not animals from the same habitats. Moreover, many factors such as physical strengths and the environment where the fight occurs also matter to know the result. 

Below, we will take a deep look at those factors which can affect the winning percentage of these animals’ battles. We will also try to declare the winner of this fight at the end of the post. So, come on.

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Bear vs. Rhino-Detailed Comparison

1.  Height And Weight

Regarding the height and weight of bears and rhinos, both are massive creatures. 

The height of bears can be between 4 to 10 feet, but it may vary according to the kind of bear. Brown bears, North American bears, Sloth bears, Spectacled bears, Asiatic or Moon bears, and Sun bears are significant types of bears.

Sun bears are smaller bears whose height may reach 4 feet, and their weight can reach 60 pounds. On the other hand, polar bears are known as giant bears among them. They can reach 10 feet height when standing on their hind legs. Their weight can cross 1500 pounds easily with this height.

According to different species of rhinos, their height can range between 3 to 10 feet. Greater One-Horned, Javan, Sumatran, White, and Black are famous rhinos. Great one-horned rhinos can reach 7 feet and rarely at 10 feet, weighing 5000 to 6000 pounds. It is considered the giant rhino among all these types. Sumatran rhino is the smaller and lower in weight rhino. Its height can reach 3 to 5 feet with a weight range of 1100 to 2100 pounds.

2.  Strength

With their size, both animals have significant strengths.

Polar bears and Grizzly bears are known as the most powerful bears among all bears species. They can stand in front of the rhino. Both are impressive and powerful, but they use their power in different manners.

When it comes to polar bears, they have strong muscles in their hind legs with deadly paws. They also have strong jaws with razor-like fast teeth. So, they try to grab and tear their prey, but the grizzly bear is different. It is because these bears use their strengths differently. It likes to uplift things and may try them on its prey, but it primarily uses paws to hunt it.

Moreover, the strength of their bite is 1200 psi which they use primarily to kill their prey or enemy, but the question is, is it sufficient to tear the rhino’s thick skin? This bite is five times stronger than a human bite.

Rhinos are also a mark of strength and aggression. Their thick skin and horn are the main weapons of the creature. When it comes to power, it can derail a train. With a speed of 30 miles per hour, this creature also can turn quickly. As rhinos are herbivores, their bite power is almost 1100 psi, near the bear’s bite strength.

3.  Intelligence And Behaviours

In intelligence comparison, bears can beat rhinos. 

Bears are considered very aggressive creatures, but actually, they are very shy animals. They love to live alone, and their behaviours are also not complex. With the help of their incredible power of sense, these creatures collect all the essential information about their surroundings.

Rather than smelling, it also has a high-quality listening adaptation. As they are known as curious animals and always try to explore things, they stand on their hind legs and look here and there in search of examining their environment.

Regarding the intelligence level of bears, they are known as the most intelligent animal in North America. Further, scientists claim that a bear’s intelligence level is almost like that of a 3-year small child.

According to behaviours, rhinos are not very active and fast creatures. They are lazy and love to spend their time alone. With significant territory, they mostly found grazing here and there. They also love to stay in the mud and spend almost a third part of the day in the mud. They mostly do it in the rainy seasons because the mud is available to them easily.

In any dangerous situation, they suddenly make a run to go away from possible danger. Here, they also make a huffing sound. It might be a message to other companies about the dangerous situation.

According to behaviour, they are lazy, but Black rhinos have a bad reputation. They are famous due to their aggressive behaviour. Despite this, all rhinos do not fight with other animals but frequently quarrel. This is also why they can’t stay in groups, and it is very rare to see them in groups.

When it comes to the intelligence of rhinos, they are dull creatures. Their brain is just one pound which is so tiny as compared to their body weight.

4.  Speed And Endurance

Bears are built for speed and endurance. 

Bears are active animals as compared to rhinos. They can run at the speed of 25 miles per hour. The positive point is that they can maintain the speed for a long time. The strong and muscular legs allow them to do so. Further, they have high endurance levels. They can find food in a wide area, which takes time and effort.

Black rhino (bad rhino) is also known due to their high speed among rhino species. They are smaller and lower in weight than other rhinos, so they can run at that speed. Most rhinos can run at the speed of 30 miles per hour. The negative point is that they can not sustain it for long periods and are tired earlier. The last line tells about the endurance level of rhinos. So, their endurance level is also lower than bears.

5.  Attack And Defense

Bears do not attack first, but for their survival, they can attack other animals, while rhinos are aggressive and can attack soon compared to bears.

Bears are not aggressive animals but become ready for a counter-attack when they feel any danger. They do not make any compromise on their territory, and whenever humans or other predators come into it, they become furious and do not hesitate to attack.

Moreover, they use some techniques to ensure their survival without a fight. They always examine their surroundings with the help of their fantastic smell and hearing senses. This way, they go away before the predators arrive. Further, they make sounds of running away enemy; even showing them as they are ready to fight. After all, if the fight becomes essential, they use their strong paws, teeth, and jaws to bring down their enemy.

On the other hand, rhinos are not shy and become aggressive early. They use their horn to attack enemies. It can cause a severe wound to the enemy. They also do fights when they feel unsafe; otherwise, they prefer to live without a fight.

6.  Predatory Behaviour

Bear can hunt their prey, but rhino is herbivore animal.

Bears love to eat without hassle. So, they try to find dead animals but can also attack and hunt their prey. With the help of solid paws, pointed teeth, and strength, they can tear their prey in pieces and crush its bones.

On the other hand, rhinos are not predatory animals and eat plants. So, they are herbivore creatures.

Final Words – Who Would Win?

The chance of their battle is almost rare. It is because they are not creatures of the same habitat. Rhino lives in Africa, while bears reside in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

But if their battle takes place, it is safe to say that rhino would winThis answer is based on just an imaginary battle between these animals.

Bears require hundreds of attacks to give the rhino a meaningful wound when the fight starts. It is due to the thick armour skin of the rhino. You might think that bear has deadly and knife-like paws, but they are not enough to make a deadly impact on a rhino in just some attempts.

Despite this, only one successful attack by the rhino to bear can make it lifeless. With the help of its 5 to 8 inches horn, it can do that, but I also mentioned it is the result of an imaginary fight between them. The world is full of wonders, and this result may vary in real.


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