Bears Killed for Fur | PETA

Once hunters have slaughtered the bears, they may keep parts of their bodies, such as the head or claws, as trophies they imagine are “macho” and sell or auction off the fur. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) cap makers buy the fur of slaughtered black bears and use it to make the headgear worn by the King’s Guard.

PETA U.K. has provided Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps with the footage and called on the MoD to stop supporting this barbaric industry, which is entirely at odds with public opinion in the U.K., as 95% of British people say they reject the use of animal fur. PETA U.K. and faux furrier ECOPEL have developed a faux fur that meets each of the MoD’s criteria for a replacement for the caps, yet the ministry has dug in its heels and apparently will require a public uproar before it will make the switch.

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