Bird City San Antonio goes Postal on Migratory Birds

Boom, Boom, Boom, explosives sounding all too much like gunshots heard in city park.

It was violent, savage, cruel, disturbing, and wicked to those of us who care about our migratory Birds. The big question is why? Why when the birds were in a forest away from the public?

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Fire he yells! I mumble to myself, there is going to be a fire as he shoots towards Great Egrets attempting to build nests in the forest. He then walks up to the top floor of the parking garage full of cars and shoots at the Great Egrets even closer now at only 20 or so feet away. His intent to hurt the birds appears evident in his direct angle shot at tree level we suspect aimed straight at the birds.

Forest area in Brackenridge Park
Forest area in Brackenridge Park
The parking garage
The parking garage

The EPCD’s-Explosive pest control devices (EPCDs) generally fall under ATF regulation because they contain regulated explosive materials, such as flash powder, black powder, and/or other pyrotechnic compositions. The devices are used to frighten birds and other pests away from airports, landfills and agricultural or fishing areas – NOT CITY PARKS WITH PEOPLE!!

The cartridge travels around 45 mph and can cause injury to humans. Can you imagine what harm it could cause to a bird weighing less than three pounds?

Great Egret appears to be laying on a nest in forest-Brackenridge Park
Great Egret appears to be laying on a nest in forest-Brackenridge Park

It was heartbreaking to watch, to see the birds frightened unnecessarily. How can anyone look at this and think that this is morally acceptable? This is not okay!

One resident startled awake by the sound of the gunshots had a few expletives for the City of San Antonio Parks Department leading the assault on Migratory Egrets and Herons!

The loudest of the explosive noise exceeds 150 decibels according to one manufacturer’s safety data sheet. With safety instructions stating: Do not fire at humans, buildings, into dry fields, directly at wildlife. They did it anyway! Firing the cartridges into a forest in conditions of severe drought.

According to the US Drought Monitor website, Bexar County continues to struggle with drought. Wildfire *can* be tied to drought, but often is better correlated with current weather conditions.

The contractor shot off the explosives nonstop, it seemed to be almost around the clock as residents suffered through the dangerously loud noise along with the wildlife.

The cartridges are called EPCD’s. Explosive Pest Control Device and are classified as an “exploding bomb.” Expl.1.4 H204 Fire or projection hazard. Warnings appear to be ignored!

A Snowy Egret could peacefully forage in the river-until now, as contractors chase them away! Snowy Egrets are listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Texas.

You might think that a “Bird City Texas” designation would suggest some compassion for the birds.

Bird City Texas – the “community-focused certification was created to help people protect birds and their habitats where we live, work, and recreate. Apparently not in San Antonio as almost all city parks have been targeted for “bird mitigation,” minus public involvement or approval of this violent assault on migratory birds.

A Threatened Zone Tailed Hawk is exposed to the explosive noise in Brackenridge Park
A Threatened Zone Tailed Hawk is exposed to the explosive noise in Brackenridge Park

According to the EPA Migratory Birds Initiatives, migratory birds are of great ecological and economic value to this country and to other countries. They contribute biological diversity and bring tremendous enjoyment to millions of Americans who study, watch, feed. The United States has recognized the critical importance of this share resource by ratifying international, bilateral conventions for the conservation of migratory birds.

These migratory bird conventions pose substantive obligations on the United States for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats through the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the United States has implemented these migratory bird conventions with respect to the United States.

Read More: Migratory Bird Initiatives | US EPA

As for the City of San Antonio, it appears as though they would rather go Postal on the birds and the people that appreciate them… Blind to the economic and ecological value of the birds!

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