Blind Cat Dies, Four Kittens Escape From EGYPTAIR Crates—PETA Urges Federal Probe

PETA is calling for a federal investigation after notorious monkey transporter EGYPTAIR sent 37 rescued cats and kittens—some without food and water and several in broken crates held together with duct tape—on a grueling flight of nearly 12 hours from Cairo to New York City.

According to documents shared with PETA by True Hearts for Healing Paws Rescue—one of the animal rescue groups receiving the cats—a loading malfunction in the plane before it left the ground in Egypt caused several crates to fall and break open, allowing a blind cat named Angus and four kittens to escape. EGYPTAIR’s apparent solution was to put duct tape on the severely broken crates and continue loading.

Angus and three of the kittens were eventually found, but they were denied veterinary attention for so long that Angus died from his injuries. One kitten is still lost.

After the cats arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, EGYPTAIR staffers left the damaged crates exposed to intense rain—resulting in cold, wet cats; flooded food bowls; and destroyed paperwork.

The outrageous ordeal violated a whopping eight federal animal welfare guidelines, prompting PETA to urge action from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The cats and kittens were bound for U.S. rescue groups for a chance at a better life. EGYPTAIR’s severe mishandling added unnecessary distress to an already harsh journey and prevented Angus and one kitten from ever making it into loving homes.

Profiting From Cruelty

This isn’t the first time EGYPTAIR has treated animals in its care like common luggage. Cruelty is embedded in its business plan.

The airline also ships endangered monkeys to their deaths in laboratories. The social and sensitive monkeys are crammed into small wooden crates, stuffed into dark and terrifying cargo holds, and sent on hours-long overseas journeys. Upon arrival, they’re trucked to laboratories where they’ll be tormented and killed.

Last year EGYPTAIR pledged to stop transporting monkeys, but the airline was quick to go back on its word once the animal experimentation industry waved some money around.

What You Can Do

Please take action today by urging EGYPTAIR to join other airline industry leaders in prohibiting the transport of monkeys to laboratories.


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