Blind Puppy Feels Arms Around Him And Melts When Guy Says, “You’re Mine”


When Lee Asher from Asher House first laid eyes on a helpless puppy named Little Bear, he knew he had to rescue him. The little pup had been found all alone, and his heartbreaking story immediately touched Lee’s heart. A woman had found the pup and brought him to the shelter. Because of the dog’s health issues, a shelter volunteer reached out to Lee, confident he could help Little Bear when the shelter could not. From that moment on, Little Bear’s life changed for the better.


Lee couldn’t believe the puppy’s situation. Little Bear was likely dumped due to his health issues, which Lee couldn’t believe. Little Bear’s appearance was so endearing that Lee jokingly thought he must be dreaming. The little pup looked like a fluffy, lovable bear. The pup melted Lee’s heart with every wag of his tail. As Little Bear clung to him with his tiny paws, Lee promised to love him and ensure he never had to worry again.


However, Little Bear had a significant health issue: he didn’t have fully formed eyes. He had ‘micro eyes’ that needed to be removed surgically. Although he was on pain medication, Little Bear urgently needed medical intervention. Despite this, Lee couldn’t help but adore the tiny, baby bear-like puppy.

After bringing Little Bear home, Lee decided to keep him separate from the rest of his dogs for a few days. This would give Little Bear time to adjust to his new surroundings and get the love and attention he needed. In the meantime, Lee planned to take him to the vet for a check-up and schedule his eye surgery.

On day two with Little Bear, Lee took him to the groomer for a much-needed bath and haircut. Afterward, they headed to the vet, where Little Bear was checked out and had his surgery scheduled. Soon, the pup had his procedure and he did great! With his medical needs taken care of, it was time for Little Bear to meet the rest of his new family.

Lee was excited to introduce Little Bear to the pack, and the meeting went better than he could have hoped. The other dogs were gentle and loving with the blind puppy, giving him kisses and welcoming him into their family. Little Bear quickly adjusted to his new environment, navigating the world with his other senses.


Despite his blindness, Little Bear thrived in his new home. He explored the woods with his new siblings, relying on his sense of smell and touch to guide him. Lee couldn’t be more grateful to have Little Bear in his life, and the love between them was evident.

In rescuing Little Bear, Lee Asher not only saved the pup’s life but also gave him a chance to have a bright future. To meet Little Bear and see him melt into Lee’s arms, scroll down to the video below.

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