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Bats have lived in the world for centuries, and still, there are many things about them that we still have to discover. Bats are mammals, and they belong to the order Chiroptera. Bats also do not have a good reputation among humans. Let’s come to our topic, “Can bats take off from the ground?”

The straightforward answer is No; bats do not take off from the ground. Also, they cannot have the ability to fly in an upright position. Bats have to need at least 2 to 3 feet above the ground to fly. A small number of bats can fly from the ground, but the majority of the population cannot fly from the ground. 

In this article, we will cover all the necessary information and facts about why bats can’t take off from the ground.

As we know that bats are capable of flying. Birds and aircraft can take a true flight off the ground. But why do bats not do it? Dissimilar to birds, bats always take off from an upside-down position because they always sleep in that particular position on branches. They rest only this way and cannot take off from another position. 

Bat’s wings are very powerful but do not have enough strength to take off from the upright position. Bat’s legs are short and do not have too much power to help them take off from the ground. 

According to some resources, bats are very excellent at re-establishing themselves. That’s why they attach themselves to a ceiling or other places. However, there are two bat species that are known to take off from the ground, which are vampire bats and the New Zealand short-tailed bat. So, whenever you see a bat on your floor, try to verify the species before you help them.

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Bats also cannot run:

Most birds do not take running take-off as a waste of effort. But it did not mean they could not take off the ground by running or leaping into flight. But bats do have the ability to run or leap into flight.

To make a flight, they have to be at least 2 feet above the ground. Being a mammal is not a good gesture for bats in the flight business. Bats are quadruple animals, so their hind limbs help them only to hang, not for running or walking. 

Bats are ungraceful on the ground because their knees are bent backward. They have to use their forelimbs to move their whole body for the walk. When they do this, the entire process looks very awkward. 

Birds are bipedal, they use the power of their legs to get the speed in the running for taking off, but the bats have to take all of their body weight to move on the ground, so it’s very difficult for them to get the speed. So, taking off by running is very difficult for them.  

Bat’s wings do not have enough power to lift in one leap:

Bats always try to keep their body as light as possible, but their anatomical features have to leave some structure to gain some force called lift. They use the lift to take off the ground. 

Most birds have strong breast muscles that help them very much to take flight in one try. But bats contain flexibility that allows them to take flight.

Bats and birds fly in different ways; bats look athletic because they usually fold their wings and do some awesome stuns, such as flying upside down and flying in and out of the trees, and birds do not do these things. 

What To Do When We Find A Bat On The Ground?

As I said earlier, two species of bats can walk on the ground: the vampire bat and the New Zealand short-tailed bat. These two species are normally found in the United States. But they are native to South and Central America and New Zealand. If you find a bat on the ground, it will be injured, tired, or dead. 

Bats are rarely found on the ground. So, if you luckily found a bat on the ground, what can you do for it? Don’t worry, let’s discuss it. 

If a bat is found on the ground, there might be a high chance of injury. If the bats get injured by hitting someone and falling on the floor, they will be unable to fly. Sometimes, bats fall on the floor temporarily. In some scenarios, young bats fall through the trees due to storms or their mothers abandon them. 

So, in that situation, you should treat them nicely. They have not aggressive with humans but can change their behavior, even if you are trying to help them. So, if you find a bat, follow the given guidelines. 

  • First, you should have to wear gloves or can use a piece of paper to grab the bat and then put it into a box such as a shoebox or some other thing. 
  • After that, put some soft clothes in the box, so the bat clings to it. 
  • Do not allow children and animals to come near the box. 
  • Call the wildlife office; they will come and help the bat. 

Do Bats Fall Regularly?

No, bats do not fall a lot. They are rarely seen to fall. However, they are very excellent at clinging upside down. Doing this is in their nature. If a bat falls on the ground, then there is a high chance that it is injured or close to death. Call the local wildlife office to help them if this happens before you. 


Bats have many other great qualities, but in this part, they cannot fly from the ground. They are mammals and like to cling upside down instead of flying from the ground. Most species of bats also do not come down to the ground.


Why does a bat not fly from the ground?

Bats cannot fly from the ground because their wings and small legs do not provide enough strength and support to fly. 

What to do when we find a bat on the ground?

First, if the bats do not injure or kill, then leave them there; they will fly away after some time. If it is injured, then call the wildlife office to help it. 



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