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Birds are gorgeous and lovely creatures. They are the only species with two legs that can survive from ancient to modern times. Some bird species can live in three habitats: air, water, and land.

Owls are also among the bird species. More than 200 species of owls live on earth. They live there in many shapes. The regular oil looks beautiful with its solid paws and big eyes, but what about its legs?

During some past years, many images of owls have gone viral on social media. In these images, the owls were with naked legs. These images amused many people.

Most owl species have long and hidden legs with their feathers. It helps them to save from heat waves during summer. There are just some species found which have naked legs. Borrowing owl and Margarobyas Lawrence are among these species.

Do Owls Walk Or Hop?

They can walk as well as hop. They enjoy walking as compared to hopping on the ground. On the other hand, this scene is scarce to see by any human.

They spent the most time on the top of trees. This helps them during the hunting process.

But what about an owl’s walk?

owl's walk

Yes, owls can walk, but it is not seen commonly. These scenes are very rare. They try to walk when they are sick or wounded. Some species of owl walk due to prey. They grab their prey on the ground and eat it. They also have the risk of being hunted when they are walking.

Further, these creatures are among the animals that walk on two legs.

How Fast Can Owls Walk?

Many owl species can walk as well as run on the ground. Borrowing owl specie is one of them. This specie grabs its prey directly from the floor. So they can run or walk on the ground effectively.  

How Fast Can Owls Walk?

After getting food, they went back to flying and did not like to spend their time on the ground without any need. One thing more about them is that they remain very silent when trying to grab their prey with the help of their strong talons.

Most owl species have long legs covered with feathers, but these seem short and thin. Just beneath their feathers, there are their main hunting tools. These tools are their legs.

Are Owls Able To Walk Backward?

Most birds cannot walk backward, but some owl specie can do so. It is because of their body’s fantastic arrangement. They have two backward-facing talons as well as two forward-facing talons.

Are Owls Able To Walk Backward?

Another reason to do so is the arrangement of their calf muscle. This balanced structure of owls allows them to walk in a backward direction.

Why Do Some Birds Walk And Some Hop?

As we mentioned, most birds can both walk and hop. According to new research, scientists believe that their ability to neck movement and vision both affect their moving strategies.

Some bird species, like owls, can move their neck at 270-degree. With the help of this ability, they always remain conscious of their roundabout. In this way, they easily detect any danger around them. It also gives them confidence during walking on the ground.

Like them, pigeons also can detect their environment. The exciting thing is that they cannot move their neck at a wide range of 270 degrees.

Besides this, some birds cannot move their neck more than 180 degrees. They prefer hopping rather than walking. In this way, the chances of their being hunted are decreased.

One more cause about why most birds select hopping rather than walking is to decrease energy loss. It is why that small birds commonly choose to jump compared to walking. Due to this, they can cover more distance in one hop as compared to walking.

Besides this, larger birds select walking. Their primary purpose is to save energy.

Why Do Some Birds Walk Funny?

Some birds shake their head when they are walking. It looks so funny. There is a question that occurs there. Why do they do it?

The answer is that they want to remain active against any outside danger during walking.

There is another situation of their walking known as” bobbing”. In this situation, they move up and down after the same time intervals.

In this way, they got a deep analysis of their around. So, they become alert and ready to fight against danger in any dangerous situation.

How Long Are Owl Legs?

The length of the owl’s legs may be on behalf of its total body’s size. This is found in many species of owl. So, we can say that almost 90% of owls have large legs.

How Long Are Owl Legs?

There are also some owls found with tiny legs, like snowy owls and great horned owls.

Why Do Owls Have Long Legs?

Owls have solid and unique legs, which play an essential role in their life. With their strong legs, they grab their prey more efficiently. So, their legs are a great tool for them; without them, they cannot survive reasonably.

What Owl Has The Longest Legs?

There needs to be more excellent knowledge on this topic, but it said that the Eagle-owl is one of the owls with the longest legs. They are also known as “bubo.” Due to their longest legs, they are also considered among the tallest owls in the world.

On an estimate, their leg’s height may be from 20cm to 30cm.

Do Owls Have Knees?

Yes, this is true. They have knees. Many species have a kneecap, but mostly, it is covered with feathers. Most people considered owl knees as their ankles. It is because every bird specie has its body structure.

Which Birds Can’t Walk?

1. Swifts


Swifts are among those birds that have tiny feet. It is because they cannot walk or hop. So, they spent their total lifetime in the air, flying.

2. Loons


Loon is among those birds who can’t be able to walk correctly. It is due to the arrangement of their legs. Their legs are arranged to the backside of their body. This arrangement helps them in swimming and make them good swimmer.

3. Grebes


Like Loon bird specie, they are also a great swimmer but not a good walker. They can make a significantly shorter run, but they need help to continue it.

They also have some reasons, like loons. It means that they also have an arrangement of legs to the backside.

4. Hummingbirds


As we know that all birds can fly, but there is a specie that can fly in any direction. They can fly up and down as well as forward and back. Even they can able to fly sideways.

They are not able to walk. They have tiny and weak legs, but nature has awarded them unique fly abilities. This ability helps them to survive.

Final Thoughts

At last, we conclude that the owls can walk without any issues. They are very impressive and unique specie. Their night-living lifestyle makes them very unique from other birds. Any hunter or predator might grab them if they spend most of their time on the ground.

On the other hand, they can walk as well as hop when they are on the ground. Their body arrangement, like the structure of feet or talon arrangement, makes them reasonable walkers. They can turn in any direction without any problem.


Why do owls have long legs?

The main reason for the importance of their leg is that these legs act as the most potent weapon to grab their prey. Despite this, this is an excellent adaptation in almost all birds. They use it to maintain their body weight.

How many legs does an owl have?

Usually, as a bird, an owl has two legs. The length of each leg varies from 20 cm to 30 cm.

Is it true that owls have knees?

Yes, it is true owls have knees. In most species of owls, their kneecaps are covered with their feathers. The joint of the knee is found between two bones known as the femur and tibia.



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