Can You Ride A Kangaroo? Is It A Fascinating Ride?


Kangaroos are the most famous marsupial animals that live in Australia. Now, you think, what are marsupials? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Marsupials are animals that have a particular pouch on their belly. But, in kangaroos, only females have this pouch on their bellies. 

Now, come to our main topic, can you ride a kangaroo? You think this is not a popular question. But for your information, many people around the world search this particular question. That’s why, in this article, I will try to explain this query deeply. So, let’s find out that, Is a kangaroo ride possible.

Unfortunately, No, we cannot ride a kangaroo. Kangaroos are on the list of protected animals, so if you try to harm them in any way, then you may face the law.

Instead of it, if you try to ride a kangaroo, first, the kangaroo will not allow it or can attack and brutally injure you. So, the idea of riding a kangaroo is very lethal. 

Can You Ride A Kangaroo?

Kangaroos always stand straight as humans stand. If you want to ride a human, you cannot do it because their backs are straight. The same scenario implements to the kangaroos, and you will slip through their backs whenever you try to ride. 

Can You Ride A Kangaroo?

Now, unlike humans, kangaroos have very sharp claws and teeth. So, if they feel threatened, they can easily do huge damage to their opponents. Kangaroos get easily scared, especially when someone tries to grab their backs. If you grab their back, they feel you want to murder them. So, in this situation, they can attack you. 

Female kangaroos are more dangerous because they always try to protect their joeys. So, if they feel threatened, they will attack. So, in simple words, a kangaroo ride is not possible. 

Do Australians Ride Kangaroos?

According to some research, some people believe that kangaroos are used as a transport service in Australia, and this thing still happens. But, in reality, this a false news. You cannot ride a kangaroo, and it is a fact. 

I read a report written by an Australian who was enjoying such false beliefs that people think we ride kangaroos as a mode of transportation. First, he also said (in fun) that I regularly used kangaroos despite cars but later, he said this was all fun and there is no truth behind this false rumor.

Further, kangaroos are one of the protected animals in Australia. So, misbehaving with them can lead Australians under the law and they can face tough times that no one wants.

Can A Child Ride A Kangaroo?

Instead of bikes, some children want to ride a kangaroo in Australia. But riding a kangaroo is not possible for both children and adults. As we mentioned earlier, kangaroos are unpredictable and can become dangerous if they feel threatened. So, a child cannot ride a kangaroo. 

But for knowledge, we can discuss whether a kangaroo has enough power to take a child’s weight on its back. Generally speaking, yes, a kangaroo can easily do that task. 

Kangaroos are quite strong animals; their hind legs are powerful and can easily take a child’s weight on their back. But, this is just for knowledge. In reality, the kangaroo will never take a human child on its back. However, take our advice, keep yourself and the children away from the kangaroo ride.

Can You Ride In A Kangaroo Pouch?

In some cartoons, it has been seen that a kangaroo gives a ride to a human in its pouch. But it’s a cartoon show, not reality. So, no, you cannot take a ride of a kangaroo in its pouch. Basically, the pouch is for only kangaroo children.

Can You Ride In A Kangaroo Pouch?

Moreover, the pouch is very small for an average size human. So, taking a ride in the kangaroo pouch is impossible. Instead, the female does not allow other mothers’ babies to enter its pouch. 

The mother just allows his babies to enter the pouch. So, if you try to enter it, we guarantee you will get a very powerful punch on your head from the mother. 

Is A Kangaroo Ride Legal?

Now, you know the fact that kangaroos are aggressive animals. Moreover, there is a ban on kangaroo rides. As we mentioned early, kangaroos are protected animals, and in many states of Australia, harming them is a crime. Moreover, other animals in these states are also protected. Here is the list of some states where kangaroos are protected:

  • Queensland.
  • South Australia. 
  • Western Australia. 
  • Victoria. 
  • Tasmania. 
  • Northern Territory. 
  • Australian Capital Territory.

In simple words, you have no authority to hurt them or do any awkward thing that can harm them. We advise you to leave them alone. If you capture while doing any illegal things to the kangaroos, you will have to pay 22,000$ and upto 5 years jail sentence. 

Some Facts About Kangaroos

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Kangaroos live in only two countries which are Australia and New Guinea. Four species of kangaroos live in the world, which are the red kangaroo, the eastern gray kangaroo, the western gray kangaroo, and the antilopine kangaroo.

The red kangaroos are the fastest among them. They can run at the speed of 70km/h.

The male kangaroo is also called a boomer, and the female a jill.

The child of the kangaroo is called Joey. The joeys live in the pouch because they get milk from there, and they also get the mother’s protection.

A group of kangaroos typically consists of 50 members, and the group is also called a mob.

These animals are herbivores and eat grass, leaves, fruits, and moss.

Kangaroos are the largest animals among the marsupial family. The average height of a kangaroo can be 3-8 feet, and its weight can be 200 pounds.


Kangaroos are unique specie among all species in the world. We can say that they are a special animals specie. It is an Australian national animal and lives only in this country.  

Every day, people search a lot of quires about this specie and want to research things related to kangaroos. One of them we discussed today.


Is a human can ride a kangaroo?

No, it is not possible (practically). Kangaroos are protected animals and will not allow humans to sit on their backs. 

Is a kangaroo kick dangerous?

Yes, a kangaroo kick contains much power. One kick of a kangaroo has the power of 759 pounds. 



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