Canada Goose Gets Taken to Hospital, Partner Comes to Visit!


A cute story from the past has resurfaced, reminding us that animals are truly amazing! The Cape Wildlife Center shared an adorable story that is sure to brighten your day.

Staff at the center noticed that a Canada Goose living on a nearby pond was limping. Called Arnold, the goose is part of a mated pair that had been attached for many years.

It appeared that Arnold was experiencing a lot of difficulty walking. After noticing this, the staff caught him and brought him in to examine him.

It appeared that something had bitten the goose, leaving him with open wounds on his foot. The staff prepared to operate on him to treat the wound and prevent infection. However, as they prepared him for surgery, something unexpected happened.

Arnold’s mate found her way to the center’s door and attempted to get inside. She knew where Arnold was, and appeared upset that she could not get in to see him. According to the Cape Wildlife Center, she remained outside throughout Arnold’s procedure.

Ultimately, surgery on the Canada Goose was a success. After Arnold awoke from anesthesia, staff moved him to the doorway so he could recover near his mate.

They noted that the pair appeared “much more at ease in each other’s presence.”

Arnold the Canada Goose needed to be kept indoors for several weeks as he recovered. However, staff said that they would attempt to treat him near the doorway so that he and his mate could spend time together. How sweet!

This article by Willow Lynn was first published by One Green Planet on 21 January 2024. Image Credit :SanderMeertinsPhotography/Shutterstock.

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