Celebrating Latino Conservation Week in the National Wildlife Refuge System — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

Latino Conservation Week empowers and engages Latino communities, fostering a sense of guardianship for our natural resources through outdoor activities. We aim to ensure equitable access to public lands for all, creating transformative opportunities to appreciate nature’s splendor. The 2023 Latino Conservation Week Resolution highlights environmental challenges faced by Latinos, including climate change and limited access to green spaces. By endorsing this resolution, we unite to address these issues with sustainable solutions. Embracing the official designation of Latino Conservation Week, we recognize its importance in conserving our National Wildlife Refuge System for future generations. This designation amplifies the invaluable contributions of the Latino community to conservation efforts, promoting inclusivity and positive change.

As we commemorate Latino Conservation Week, we celebrate the collective energy and unwavering determination of individuals from all walks of life in our shared mission to protect our natural world. By throwing our support behind the congressional resolution to establish the third week of July as Latino Conservation Week, the National Wildlife Refuge Association affirms our commitment to inclusivity, equitable access, and conserving the National Wildlife Refuge System.

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