Christmas Eve Animal Rescue: The Story of a Newborn Lamb and Goat

Animal Equality’s President recounts her experience inside a farm in Madrid on Christmas Eve. Discover the rescue mission that saved a newborn lamb and goat, reshaping Christmas traditions with a powerful message of compassion.

It only took one look. 

As the straw crunched beneath my feet, eyes peered out from the shadows. Huddled together, baby lambs and goats softly bleated. 

It was a silent Christmas Eve night. Millions around Madrid were celebrating and having dinner as my team and I stepped inside the farm. 

We surveyed our surroundings, my gaze landing on two curious faces. Their bodies nestled together, looking for warmth. 

I knew we had to rescue them.

An advocate reached out his hand, assuring them he was a friendly face. He carefully picked up a lamb as another rescuer lifted a goat to safety. 

Once outside the farm, the animals felt the touch of a warm blanket for the first time. They would be taken to a sanctuary, just in time for Christmas morning. 


As I watched them leap with joy and explore their new home beneath the morning sun, I was struck by their innocence. Despite what they had been through, they trusted us freely. 

As I knelt down on the ground, feeling the lamb’s wool between my fingers, I thought to myself, “I would do this all again.” 

As I filmed this rescue, families in Spain gathered for Christmas lamb dinners. Many had never seen the tender eyes of a lamb or baby goat like I did that morning.

Rescuing these animals didn’t just impact two innocent lives. 

As we live-streamed this rescue, at least hundreds tuned in. They began to ask: how could anyone slaughter baby animals?

That’s the power of an investigation. And investigations are something supporters like you take seriously.

In this season of peace, giving, and compassion, you could protect newborn animals from slaughter by supporting Animal Equality’s work. 


For a limited time, your donations to end animal cruelty will be matched by an anonymous donor. Double your impact today and spare millions of animals from suffering.

But that’s not all you can do.

Regardless of your faith, we can all agree that we’re in a season of peace and compassion. And as you gather around the dinner table this season, you can bring that compassion with you. 

Simply fill the table with perfectly-seasoned, plant-based proteins. You won’t just enjoy your food–you’ll also enjoy the satisfaction of saving lives. 

Animal Equality activist with a lamb rescued from a factory farm


Lambs’ rich emotional lives allow them to build friendships and recognize facial expressions.

Protect these intuitive animals by choosing plant‑based meat alternatives.

While many of us crawl into our warm beds this Christmas Eve, newborn animals will spend the cold, winter night in a farm. Their hearts will beat with fear as they comfort each other during their final hours.  

But you can give animals like them the ultimate holiday gift––a future without animal cruelty. 

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