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6.06.025 – Tethering dogs.

(1) Any dog tethered on the property of the owner or custodian shall be restrained by means of a chain, leash, or rope that is:

(a) A minimum of eight feet long;

(b) Attached at the anchor point by means of a swivel in a manner that prevents twisting or entanglement;

(c) Attached to the dog by means of a well-fitting harness or collar that does not choke or pinch when tensioned;

(d) Not more than one-eighth the weight of the dog.

(2) No dog shall be tethered outside between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

(3) A dog shall be tethered in a manner that allows continuous access to:

(a) Adequate clean, drinkable water;

(b) Shelter from extremes of weather and temperature.

(4) Dogs shall not be tethered in an area where there are obstacles or land features that present a risk of injury or strangulation.

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