Crippled, Vulnerable Dog Must Close Eyes And Sleep But Won’t Let Herself

One day, an email arrived with a challenge: a dog named Pani was coming from Iran with a broken back and paralysis. The recipient of the email, a woman with a heart for animals, decided to take on the challenge and welcome Pani into her home as a foster. Little did she know this decision would change their lives for the better.


Upon arrival, Pani was understandably cautious and scared. She had been living on the streets in Iran and had to always be aware of her surroundings. Since she’s paralyzed, she couldn’t protect herself properly. The poor pup was never fully able to relax. In her new home with foster mom Tedi, even when Pani was exhausted, she fought sleep and kept one eye open to stay alert. Pani also exhibited destructive behaviors, chewing on things and stealing items not meant for dogs. Tedi understood it would take Pani time to learn how to behave and trust her environment enough to sleep.


However, everything changed when Pani received her wheelchair. The once destructive and anxious dog transformed into a playful and happy pup, running around New York City with her new set of wheels. The wheelchair allowed Pani to play for hours on end, and her destructive behaviors disappeared. Pani’s eating habits also improved. Initially, she would bark frantically while her food was being prepared and would steal food from Tedi’s pet bunnies. Now, she calmly eats alongside her bunny friends without any issues.


Over time, Pani began to trust her new family and feel safe in her foster home. After three months, she started sleeping comfortably on her back– a sign of her newfound sense of security. The bond between Pani and Tedi grew stronger, and the thought of saying goodbye to Pani when she was eventually adopted became increasingly difficult.

Tedi couldn’t imagine being without Pani now that the two of them had enriched one another’s lives as much as they had. Does Pani become a foster fail? Does she find a better home elsewhere, and Tedi has no other choice than to say goodbye? To find out, watch the video below!

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