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Published by Rebecca Libauskas.

Amid the chaos of life, the “lazy-girl makeup” trend has emerged for those who refuse to spend hours in front of a mirror. Let’s delve into the essence of this trend, exploring why it’s not so lazy after all and how you can veganize it.

What’s the ‘Lazy-Girl Makeup’ Trend?

Remember those 20-step makeup tutorials on YouTube? No one has time for that! “Lazy-girl makeup” is about efficiency and simplicity. It’s a realization that we don’t need a time-consuming beauty routine to look and feel beautiful. And contrary to its title, this trend isn’t about slacking off. It’s about using your time wisely.

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Cruelty-Free Meets Lazy-Girl Makeup

Vegan and animal test–free makeup products perfectly fit this trend. Here’s why.

  • Simplicity: Vegan makeup often contains fewer harmful chemicals and additives. This aligns with the “less is more” philosophy of the lazy-girl makeup routine.
  • Efficiency: Many makeup brands sporting PETA’s animal test–free bunny logo cater to busy individuals with multitasking products. For instance, a tinted moisturizer with SPF can replace your foundation and sunscreen. Or this stick can double as blush and lip tint. How smart!
  • Compassion: No one is too lazy for compassion. So shop smart. We exposed that some companies that claim to be animal test–free are still paying for deadly testing in China. You can do your part by only supporting companies on PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies list. Using our online database, you can search by company, brand name, or product type to find ethical brands, including ones that only sell products made without animal-derived ingredients.

Our Tips for a Five-Minute Face

  • Tinted multisticks like ones from Axiology, A. Girl, and e.l.f. can streamline your routine. Use them on your lids, cheeks, and lips.
  • Self-sharpening eyeliner eliminates the need for a separate sharpener.
  • Brow gel is easy to use. There’s no complicated kit with multiple steps. Just swipe your brows and go.
  • Look for compacts with more than one purpose, like this three-in-one stackable compact from Alleyoop that contains cream blush, bronzer, and highlighter.

Feel Good Inside and Out

Mice, rats, and rabbits are suffering and dying for product tests in some parts of the world right this second. Yet animal experiments teach us nothing about the safety of a product for humans because animals of different species absorb, metabolize, and eliminate substances differently from us. These tests are pointless.

When you choose cruelty-free makeup, you can feel good about your appearance and about how you spend your money. And with the growing availability of vegan and animal test–free makeup products, it’s never been easier to be kind. Who says you can’t have it all?

Commit to cruelty-free makeup by signing this pledge to refuse to spend money on companies that make animals suffer for their products or support corporations that abuse animals.

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