Dad’s Home From Work, So The Cockatoo Readies Himself For Their Ritual


It’s a widely acknowledged fact that dogs exude boundless joy and excitement when their beloved humans return home. However, this heartwarming display of affection isn’t just limited to canines. In an unexpected twist, it turns out that other pets, even those as seemingly unexpressive as birds, can exhibit similar emotions. This might come as a surprise, as birds aren’t typically known for showing such overt signs of attachment. But the video below is set to shatter all such preconceptions.

It captures a remarkable moment where a bird, defying conventional expectations, demonstrates an extraordinary reaction akin to that of dogs when their humans come home. This unexpected behavior not only highlights the emotional capacity of birds but also broadens our understanding of the deep bonds that can be formed between humans and their feathered pets.


Image/Story Source Credit: Rebecca Stout via YouTube Video


“Every day like clockwork, baby Onni waits for his daddy to come home from work. Somehow he knows what time he’s due home even though it’s never the same time each day. Some days, he cheerfully calls to him and dances. But other times … it goes like this.”


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