Do Bats Eat Spiders?


Bats eat many types of food, such as insects and bugs. They mostly rely on insects that are small in size compared to them. They may eat many other kinds of diets and are opportunistic mammals. A rumor is wandering on the Internet that bats try to eat spiders. So, we will cover the query do bats eat spiders?

Yes, a small portion of the bat community may eat spiders. Besides this, spiders are not their primary food source for them. Most bats are omnivores, and most of their diet comes from fruits and insects. The percentage of these bats is 70%. So, the spiders may be opportunistic prey for bats.

The blog post will reveal all about bats’ eating and hunting behaviors. Will we also talk in-depth about the topic?

Do Bats Eat Spiders?

According to some research, some species of bats eat spiders. Like most animals, bats also eat them to fulfill their energy needs which they use to survive daily.

On the universal level, flowers, bugs, pollens, birds, small rodents, and all kinds of food. There is an interesting fact that they also eat other bats in some specific conditions. The bats that eat the little mouse and the others are called Carnivores bats.

Do Bats Eat Spiders?

Usually said that many species of bats are omnivores, and some are famous for eating spiders. Spiders are an excellent food source for meat-eating bats, providing them the energy to survive in many types of weather.

Their body needs a reasonable amount which helps them to manage the inner temperature of the body. For this purpose, they need a massive amount of food. Therefore these creatures eat approximately half of their body weight food to fulfill their energy requirements.

How Can Bats Locate Spiders?

In my viewpoint: bats are not completely blind; they can see quite well with their eyes. Some bats have better vision than humans, even in the daytime. But most bats use sound waves and detect even the smallest objects, such as a spider web. They have existed maximum ability to see at night.

How Can Bats Locate Spiders?

This also helps them to see anything in front of themselves. At the time of night, they can see objects easily, but the ear of bats is more important at night time than the eyes.

By using sound waves, bats can also see in the dark. Bats use a technique to search for the spider, which technique is called Echolocation. So that they can identify their friends and enemies and avoid obstacles, they also track their hunt using this technique.

Important Note:

Echolocation is a unique method used by dolphins, bats, whales, and other nocturnal birds, such as swiftlets. They use this approach to identify the right place for objects coming their way. They use these reflecting sounds coming to them after a bump with an object.

Is Size And Structure Of Spiders Affect Bats To Hunt Them?

The spiders which live in houses commonly are of small sizes. Even their size may be less than 0.6 Centimeters. The female spiders see a little larger than the males. The colors brown of home living spiders, and some may be white and brown marks on the belly.

The leg color of male and female spiders is different. The color of the female’s legs is yellow, and the color of the male’s legs is orange. Interestingly, the house living spider’s dark color rings on the legs.

How Can Bats Hunt Spiders?

Bats use their specific method to hold their victim. When the bats stand higher, they usually use their claws during flying to hunt the spiders. After that, they gently land somewhere and eat it full of joy.

When the spider is on the ground, bats use a unique element. They hunt their victim with sharp teeth. They can spend enough time on the land to eat food.

What Are Some Possible Places Where Bats Search Spiders To Hunt Them?

Spiders mostly fly in the hot season for food but can also fly in the cold season. When the temperature is low, then they produce their antifreeze. They use their antifreeze to keep their body temperature high. This way, they can make their body compete with the severe effects of low temperatures.

The majority of bats go to hibernate conditions in the winter season. They do so due to a shortage of food and low temperature. Both these conditions can lead them to death directly. Going hibernate help them to from the harshness of the climate, and they don’t need to eat more.

Before going to hibernate condition, they try to find a place that saves them from the attack of other predators. So, they search for an ancient plant without holes; they will most make their roosts by cutting through the bark. We mostly see their homes behind the trees.

They do not make their nests, while bats select different places all year to make their homes. They like new and old buildings for their living. Buildings contain hollow trees, and caves are their favorite place for them. It is because they can enjoy the comfort of three different habitats there. Some species like to live on hanging tiles and boards on roofs.

Spiders like to live in every habitation on earth, but famous areas are the highest mountains, and the oceans in this are inconsistent. Besides, we can also see them on branches of trees, walls, and buildings.

Some spiders spend their complete life only in the house. They like to live in invisible and safe areas. The places down the stairs and on the books counter are some of the safest places for them.

In some research, we understand that bats cannot live in one place; they change their places from time to time. This makes it easy for them to reach out for their meal (fruit and insects).

The bats can search for the spider everywhere but need help finding them in Antarctica. The reason behind this is that they cannot survive in cold temperatures. So, their primary preference is areas with high temperatures. Therefore, in cold regions, they cannot search the spiders.

Final Thoughts

Most species of bats eat insects and fruits, which makes them omnivores. The menu of bats is unlimited. Some species of bats may eat spiders, but the primary food source for bats is not spiders. Bats also have some insecurities. This is also a reason for their low attacks on spiders.


Are spiders the primary food source of bats?

No, spiders are not the priority of bats. They mainly hunt different kinds of insects and small creatures. Despite this, some types of bats eat spiders after killing them.

What are some favorite insects in bats’ diet?

Bats are also known as insectivores. They mainly depend on insects for their food and also love to eat them. Bugs, leafhoppers, crickets, beetles, and mosquitos are some of their most consuming insects.

Do bats eat ants?

Yes, bats can eat some flying ants. These ants are known as insects which are their beloved food.

What is the favorite food of bats?

The favorite food of bats is insects. It is because of the little creatures and easy prey for them. They are not able to fight with bats. So bats can easily hunt them. In an hour, a single bat can intake 500 mosquitos.

Do bats live without water?

Yes, as other beings drink water, bats also drink water. They uniquely drink water. They fly over the pool or river. During the flight, he comes near the water and takes a sip.

Are bat humans friendly?

The answer needs to be confirmed to the question. They may or may not be human-friendly. Typically, they are very fantastic creatures and do not make any violence. Moreover, humans are far big than them in size. Due to this, bats prefer to avoid humans, considering them their predators.


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