Do Bears Live In The Jungle? (Answered and Explained!)


When we see a bear, we think about how cute they are. Bear cubs also look cuter when we see them. But bears are not friendly animals. They are known as dangerous predators and always try to avoid them. They also fight with each other and they also kill their own kind. Many researchers said that they are very aggressive and dangerous predators for humans.

Different species of bear live all around the world. Bears also can live in different climates, such as tropical and cold climates. But do bears live in the jungle?

Yes, there are some species of bear that lives in the jungle. Although, some bears live in grasslands, deserts, and cold areas. Different species of bears, such as the Sun bears, the Sloth bears, and the Andean bears, have abilities to live in the jungle. These bears adjust themselves to the jungle’s warm weather and have access to food for the whole year. These bears do not have to hibernate like the other bears in cold weather.

Bears Species That Live In The Jungle:

As we mentioned early, different species of bears live in the jungle. But now, we will explain what species of bears live in the jungle and what species are not.

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Can Brown Bears Live In The Jungle?

Brown bears are the most widespread kind of bear in the world. Brown bears live their lives in North America and Eurasia. Brown bears can manage themselves to live in different habitats. So, this special specie of bear does not live in the jungle. Brown bears normally live in the tundras, grasslands, and coastlines. Normally, these bears choose to live in semi-open areas with dense vegetation.

Brown Bears Live In The Jungle

The approximate population of brown bears all around the world is 200,000. Once, a large number of brown bears lived in Europe, the Atlas mountains of Africa, and North America. But now, in these areas, their population decrease by a huge number. Now, half amount of brown bears lives in Russia.

Can Grizzly Bears Live In The Jungle?

Grizzly bears are the only bear species that live in North America. So, grizzly bears also do not live in the jungle. This bear species normally lives in grasslands, mountains, forests, and wetlands. They normally live near the water because their diet comes from it.

Grizzly Bears Live In The Jungle

Around the world, the total population of grizzly bears is 60,000. Half of them live in Alaska. The other 29,000 lives in Canada. In Canada, most of these bears live in British Columbia. The remaining 1,000 lives in northwestern Montana.

Can Asiatic Black Bears Live In The Jungle?

We can find the Asiatic black bears in Asia and Eurasia. Yes, this type of bear lives in jungles and dense forests. We can also call them the white-chested bears, moon bears, and Himalayan bears because of their particular whitish moon shape on their chest.

Asiatic Black Bears Live In The Jungle

Many researchers and resources said that the Asiatic black bears are a precious specie. The total population of Asiatic black bears is 60,000. Most population of Asiatic black bears live in China. The remaining population lives in Japan, India, and Pakistan. Asiatic bears are also known as Asian black bears.

Do Spectacled Bears Live In The Jungle?

Spectacled bears are the only species of bear that live in South America. These bears live in the low jungle and high cloud forests. Spectacled bears are also called Andean bears. They get the spectacled name because these bears have creamy signs on their faces and upper chest.

Spectacled Bears Live In The Jungle

According to IUCN Red List, the total number of spectacled bears worldwide is 2,500 to 10,000. These stats make them endangered bear species in the world.

Does Panda Bear Live In The Jungle?

The giant pandas are also called panda bears. Panda bears live in China. The main area of these bears in China is the bamboo forests of the Sichuan. Bamboo is their main diet, so they live in areas where they find bamboo easily.

Panda Bear Live In The Jungle

According to WWF, the total population of panda bears is 1864 in the world, which makes them the most vulnerable specie. Some reports also said that 600 panda bears live in captivity. But, there is also good news after 2015, the population of pandas increased to 1864.

Can Sloth Bears Live In The Jungle?

Sloth bears live in Indian Subcontinent, and this bear belongs to a myrmecophagous bear species. Sloth bears live in the jungle, but they also live in dry forests and rainforests. Sloth bears can be in the tall grasslands, but there should be some trees for their shelter.

Sloth Bears Live In The Jungle

The total population of sloth bears is 20,000. It is vulnerable on the IUCN list because its population decreased due to habitat loss and degradation.

Can Sun Bears Live In The Jungle?

Sun bears live in jungles and also in rainforests of Southeast Asia. These bears are all the smallest among other bear species. Sun bears are very good at climbing trees and they spend most of their time in the trees.

Sun bears are very shy and usually do not attack humans, but if you provoke them, they can attack. These bears have a unique U shape on their chest. Sun bears are also vulnerable species because their population is only 2000 now.

Can Polar Bears Live In The Jungle?

Polar bears are hyper-carnivorous bears and live within the Arctic cycle. So, it means that polar bears do not live in the jungle. Polar bears are carnivorous animals. They are the largest extant bear species in the world. Interesting fact, their skin is black. Under their thick fur, they have jet-black skin.

Polar Bears Live In The Jungle

According to the IUCN list, the total population of this bear species is 22,000 to 31,000.

Ways That Bears Use To Survive In The Jungle

Heat Relief Bears:

Bears are covered with fur, but some parts of their body, like feet and their nose, and others have no fur. When the temperature is high, bears seek forward toward shade and water to cool down their bodies. To save themselves from overheating bears always eat a lot of food for hibernation.

Bears Stretch Their Legs And Saunter Around:

Bears do this on the jungle ground to release the maximum heat. Deforestation of the jungles and climate change makes these places hotter.

The sun bears can climb up the trees and go to the top, which helps them escape the heat. In the rainy season, the sun bears enjoy the rain, which helps them remain cool.

Bears Find Out The Water:

Bears do not only eat fish, but they also go into the water and cool themselves. When the rainy season comes, a lot of water pools occur, then bears stated to find these pools. Researchers said that polar bears are very good swimmers, but all kinds of bears can swim.

When bears enter the water, they eat and drink simultaneously and move their body to cool themselves. Bears eat any food, like plants, meat, and insects.

Bears Adapt Themselves Seasonably:

Every species of bear faces the effects of climate change, especially the sun bears. When the climate changes, the sun bears will save energy during the day, find food at the nightstand and wait for the rainy season to cool off the vegetation, which gives a big relief to sun bears. In the jungles, there are only two seasons, the wet season and the hot season.


Bears are omnivore animals, except polar bears. Bears adapt themselves according to the climates where they live. Bears live worldwide; some live in the jungle, such as sloth bears, sun bears, and Andean bears.


Do Bears Live in the jungle?

Yes, some kinds of bears, such as sloths and sun bears, live in the jungle. But not every bear species lives in the jungle.

Can we be friends with a bear?

Never try it because bears are aggressive and dangerous predators and they can attack you and get you injured badly.

How can I hunt a Bear?

If you want to hunt a bear, the first step is to make no voice and stand still. Bears are quite fast and very large. If you want to hunt a bear, the first thing to do is shoot at the leg of the bear to reduce his speed. But, stats said that the polar bear’s hunt ratio is only 2%.


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