Do Hawks Eat Foxes?



Hawks are considered the most potent and robust birds in the world. Usually, they feed themselves by hunting small animals. They are very speedy when they pursue animals. Some hawks can dive over 150 mph to hunt the animal. But here, the main question comes Do Hawks Eat Foxes? Do hawks Eat Big Animals?

Yes, hawks eat foxes but not regularly. They hunt foxes but on some occasions. The majority of their food comes from small animals. The ferruginous hawk is the largest one and mostly live in North America. But, his also main diet comes from tiny animals and insects. They only kill foxes when they get the chance. They only hunt child or injured foxes because it becomes easy for them to hunt foxes.

They can also eat some other large animals. They consume large animals only when they find them dead or dying.

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How And Why Do Hawks Eat Foxes?

Hawks are excellent hunters. They are known to hunt small mammals on the ground. They always hunt from the sky, which gives them a great advantage.

They always preferred to sit on the top of the trees. They reach their prey at a very high speed when they set the target. The red-tailed hawks can fly at the rate of 190 km/h.

Although foxes are the cleverest animals in the world, they sometimes fail to anticipate the upcoming attack from the sky. When they attack the fox from the sky, the fox cannot predict the threat. But they attack only injured foxes and their pups.

They hunt with the help of their firm, sharp talons and speed. The maximum weight of a hawk can be 5lbs, and height can be 50 to 70 cm. They always attack the eyes and head. When they hunt their target, they take it to their perch and eat it.

How Often Do Hawks Eat Foxes?

Many think that they only eat insects and birds, which is invalid. Their primary diet consists of small rodents and birds. They also eat insects and voles.

According to some research, voles, rabbit, and gray squirrels are the main diet of hawks. Some other animals come in the diet of hawks, like sparrows, robins, and chipmunks.

hawk with hunting intention

So, according to research and reports, we can consider that foxes are not the main diet of hawks. However, they are predators. If they get an opportunity to eat a fox, they will not hesitate.

Do Hawks Eat Dead Foxes Also?

We all know that hawks are magnificent and mighty predators. They have a lot of skills. They are excellent in the sense of smell, sight, and hearing, which help them find the food source from the sky. But, they eat anything, including dead foxes.

Usually, they kill their target themself. But, if they find dead foxes, they will eat them because it is easy for them to eat food without struggle. Typically, they eat dead foxes in winter because it becomes hard for them to find food in the winter.

Do Hawks Eat Sea Animals?

Tricky question and a perfect one that most people ask. Do hawks eat sea animals? There are very difficult for them to catch fish through the water. Every type of hawk cannot hunt fish, and only a large raptor can do that task.

hawk hunting sea animal

The Osprey is the type that hunts the fishes and eats them. They are also called “Sea Hawks” or “fish hawk,” but they are look like as hawks.

How Can Foxes Protect Themselves From Hawks?

Many animals protect themself only by running far away from the threat. But many animals defend themself by fighting. Although, hawks are not considered the primary predators of foxes. But, mountain lions, leopards, bears, etc., are considered the significant predators of foxes.

Arctic Foxes use their sharp teeth and claws to protect themself from predators. But red foxes use some tricks to defend themself from them. They protect themself by making small caves in the grassland or dens.

Foxes’ babies are the main target of their predators. Therefore, until the age of five and six weeks, the babies remain in the dens. The adult foxes protect and save them from them and other predators.

If all these strategies did not work, then foxes’ priority is to run and try to escape from the predators. However, foxes’ priority is running if they see humans or predators.

Do Foxes Eat Hawks?

Life in the wild for every animal and bird is difficult because everyone has predators. Hawks consider natural predators because they hunt many animals.

However, the adult hawks are not an easy hunt for the foxes. But yes, foxes eat hawks. But, only the young one or eggs. Although many predators attack them, you can consider foxes on that list.

What Is The Regular Diet Of The Hawks?

I already told you that foxes are not their primary diet. They have a varied diet because they hunt many small animals and insects. Some hawks also hunt over 500 species.

There are many types of hawk species that exist. So, large ones hunt large animals and birds like squirrels, prairie dogs, etc. But small ones, usually smaller than 10 inches, hunt small species like teeny birds and hummingbirds.

Another interesting fact is that every type of hawk does not hunt the same way. Some hunt by a run to the ground, some search by flying, and some remain in the trees and wait for the prey. They like to hunt in the sunlight.

Other Birds That Hunt Foxes:



Eagles are excellent hunters. They are masters at the top of the list of birds hunter. They can hunt enormous animals. They can pursue animals that have 5 times more weight than their own.

They mostly hunt fish but also hunt animals and mammals. Although foxes are not their main diet, they can pursue them and eat them. They mainly hunt foxes’ children.



Owls are also a bird that can hunt foxes. But, most of us think about how an owl can hunt foxes because they are small birds. But, the most giant owl is the great horned owl. This owl has a 5 feet long wingspan, and they hunt at night, which gives them an extra benefit.

The great horned owl is at the top of the list and hunts only mammals. Their diet is mammals, so foxes are also included in their diet. They have excellent skills in hunting. They are famous as silent hunters and do not make any mistakes during hunting.



Falcons are famous as birds of prey. Their scientific name is Falco. Falcons are found in every country but do not exist in Antarctica. Most of their diet comes from birds and insects.

They do not hunt foxes regularly. But if they find a dead fox, then they will eat the dead fox. They only hunt small foxes if they get a chance.

Final Words:

Many people think that they only hunt small birds and insects. But, here, they can eat and hunt mammals like foxes. The world of animals and birds is exciting. Whenever we read about it, we learn new things.

No one thought a hawk who eats only small birds could hunt foxes. But it is the world; anything and everything can happen here. So, hawks eat foxes. But, only dead ones, and they hunt small or helpless foxes.


Does a hawk eat a fox:

Yes, a hawk can eat a fox, but under some conditions. Foxes are not hawked regular diet. They only eat foxes in the winter because of the shortening of food. Hawks eat only dead foxes, or they can hunt only fox pups.

Does a fox eat a hawk:

Yes, foxes eat a hawk but only the small ones. Foxes only target the small hawks or their eggs.

What are the fox predators?

There are many predators of foxes, like hawks can also hunt them. But, at the top of the list are bears, wolves, etc. Humans also hunt foxes.



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