Do Lions Eat Fish? All You Need to Know!

We know lions are the most dangerous animals in the world. We also called the lion the king of the jungle. Lions are fearless animals and hunt mighty animals, including hippos and zebras. They have powerful skills in hunting. That’s why there is a great fear of lions in other animals and humans.

But, today, our main topic is “Do Lions Eat Fish.” Yes, it is a very interesting topic. Normally, lions hunt only animals, but hunting fish is a fascinating behavior.

Yes, lions eat fish. We all know that lions eat meat. So, if they get a chance, they will eat fish. There are other facts also that lions are not good swimmers. That’s why they eat only dead fish but prefer fresh dead fish.

 Normally, they do not eat fish because they need a lot of meat to fulfill their stomach. In a single day, a single lion needs 5 to 7kg of meat. But, fish meat does not fill their stomach. 

Do Lions Eat Fish In The Wild?

Lions are a very dangerous beast for both animals and humans. That’s why lion adoption is banned in many countries. Meat is the favorite food source of lions, and they are hyper-carnivores. 

In the wild, the top targets of lions are big animals like antelopes, zebras, etc. It is because they need to feed their whole pride. For such reasons, lions cannot rely on fish in the wild, but as an opportunity, they will never miss to taste a fish’s meat. 

Lion eating in wild

We see lions only in the grassland, dust, and heat on TV or in our books. But, we never read about the swimming of lions in the water. We also do not see the lions hunting in the water.

Do Lions Eat Fish In Zoos Or In Captivity?

Lion’s main and favorite food is meat from other sources like rabbit and chicken, but sometimes in the zoo, the zookeeper can feed them fish. They feed fish to lions because they want to bring variety to the lion’s nutrition. But in most zoos, the zookeeper gives only meat to lions.

The other fact is that the lions did not eat the same meat as they eat in the wild. The zookeeper did not feed them antelopes or zebras regularly. They do it to control their wild habitats. Instead of antelopes or zebras, the zookeeper feeds them beef.

Sometimes, zoo keepers and nutritionists try to give the lion the same diet they feed in the wild to match their wild habitat. But, sometimes, they must replace their diet with the same mineral and vitamin content. 

But, giving live prey to lions is banned in most zoos. So, zookeepers give different meat to lions to control their natural wild instincts.

Do Mountains Lions Eat Fish?

Lion seems in mountains

As an opportunistic creature, mountain lions eat both dead and freshwater fish, but their main goal is always against it. They find their prey, grab it and eat it after killing. They mostly avoid water, which means fish just can be eaten in case of opportunity.

Do Lions Hate Water?

The lion is a very interesting animal because they sometimes do shocking things. Lions do not hate water too much, but they always avoid entering it. It is because there are solid reasons behind why lions hate water or avoid it. For example, lions have less adaptations to fight with marine predators. It seems as lions are smart creatures and use their brain accurately.

lion avoiding water

They also hate swimming in the water because they are not good at it. But, if it is necessary, they will enter the water.

For example, they will enter the water when the land is too hot. They can also go to the water when they are chasing their target.

How Much Food Does A Lion Eat In A Day?

First, I want to tell you that there is a great difference in weight between female and male lions. So, the maximum male lion weight can be 420 pounds, and the height can be 8.2ft. In comparison, females are smaller than males. Their maximum weight can be 280 pounds, and their height can be 6ft. 

With full strength, a lion can survive for 14 days. But according to research, a lion survived without food for a month. But, only one lion has not eaten food for more than a week.

According to research, a lion can feed 10 to 20 pounds daily. In the wild, lions eat meat every 3 to 5 days. In the zoo, the zookeepers feed them every few days.

Other Animals That Lions Eat:

We all know that lions are carnivores, so their main diet is meat. Another thing, we think that lions only hunt animals and then eat them, but it is not true. Lion can also eat the dead animal. Now, we talk about lions’ most common prey.

Big Mammals:

Mammals are on top of lions’ favorite food. They will hunt in a pack if they want to hunt large mammals such as hippos, rhinos, etc. They will hunt small mammals such as zebras and antelopes if the pack is small.


Regularly, they did not hunt reptiles. If they want to hunt reptiles, they will go after crocodiles, tortoises, and lizards. 

Small Animals:

Yeah, lions can hunt many small animals. Small animals like rats, mice, birds, etc., can be a favorite hunt for young lions. 

Aquatic animals:

Lions can eat any meat, which includes aquatic animals. I already mentioned that they are not good swimmers, but if there is a special case, they will hunt in water, such as fish and other aquatic animals.


So, yes, a lion hunts and eats fish. Normally, they go for mammals because they need a lot of food daily. They are professional in the hunt on the land. That’s why they prefer mammals instead of sea animals.

That does not mean that they don’t like fish. They hunt and eat fish only when they get a chance. 


Do lions eat fish?

Yes, lions eat fish but on some occasions. They will hunt fish and eat it if they get a chance. Normally, they hunt large mammals.

What animals do lions eat?

Lions normally prey on many large mammals, such as zebras and antelopes. They also hunt large mammals like hippos and buffalos, but if they go for large mammals, they will hunt them in a pack.

What animals do lions not eat?

Although lions hunt every animal, they avoid some animals. The animals that they avoid hunting are elephants and giraffes. They also do not eat penguins.


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