Do You Deserve Your Cat? Take the Quiz

Published by PETA Staff.

Are you the cat’s meow or a failure to felines? Rate your cat-care competence by taking this quiz adapted from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk’s cat guardian’s bible, 250 Vital Things Your Cat Wants You to Know. Each “yes” response is worth one point.

Brown tabby cat looking out from under red blanket

  1. I have had my cat spayed or neutered.
  2. I never leave my cat outside unattended. (Give yourself two points if you have provided your feline friend with a catio.)
  3. I always keep the litterbox impeccably clean.
  4. I always serve meals on time.
  5. I keep a cat carrier and my veterinarian’s number handy.
  6. I know the signs of painful, life-threatening urinary tract infections and that if I see them, it’s vital that I get my cat to the vet immediately.
  7. My cat can see out of at least one window without being a contortionist.
  8. I take time to play with my cat every day, even when I’m busy.
  9. I always remember to bring home a present for my cat, even if it’s as small and inexpensive as a paper bag, a leaf, or a pinecone.
  10. I would never give my cat aspirin or Tylenol. (Just one Tylenol can kill a cat.)
  11. I never allow anyone to smoke in the vicinity of my cat’s sensitive nose, throat, and lungs.
  12. I never make loud or startling noises when my cat is trying to rest.
  13. I always keep the door on the clothes dryer closed or check inside for a sleeping cat before turning the appliance on.
  14. I have provided for my cat in the event of my death.
  15. There’s a sticker on my front door that reads, “IN CASE OF FIRE OR OTHER EMERGENCY, PLEASE RESCUE MY CAT(S).”
  16. My cat is microchipped and always wears a detachable, break-away collar with a current address tag.
  17. I would never be so barbaric as to declaw my cat. (If your cat came to you declawed, you still score a point if you were horrified.)
  18. I never board my cat when I go on vacation and instead arrange for a reliable pet-sitter who has passed a thorough background check. (Give yourself two points if you never go on vacation!)
  19. I never allow the veterinarian to keep my cat overnight—unless my cat is at an emergency clinic or animal hospital where animals are attended to all night.
  20. I would never fly my cat in the cargo hold of a plane.
  21. I never hit or raise my voice at my cat.
  22. I never throw or push my cat off the bed or any other furniture—but I would throw or push off anyone who did!
  23. I would never give away my cat—unless I became incapacitated, terminally ill, imprisoned, or deployed overseas.
  1. I give my cat fresh water and scrub all their bowls (or put them in the dishwasher) at least once a day, even if my own dishes pile up in the sink.
  2. I never forget to say goodbye when I leave or to announce myself when I get back home.
A flowerpot full of orange and white kittens

Kittens rescued by PETA India make themselves at home after being sterilized.

How Did You Score?

If you scored 23 or higher, you’re the cat’s pajamas. A score below 14 is claws for concern—for goodness’ sake, shape up!

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