Doc Advised Couple To Put Their Puppy Down But They Fought Against It


A puppy named Nubby was born without his front paws, an uncommon disability that would soon make life more challenging and full of hardships. His healthy Pit Bull siblings bullied him by pushing him away from his mother so he couldn’t eat. As Nubby lay there, hungry and alone, it seemed like a grim fate awaited him. Nubby grew weaker, unable to fight off his stronger siblings. He needed human intervention. Nubby’s owners, the Robertsons, felt helpless. They watched as Nubby struggled to survive. They brought him to their veterinarian, who recommended Nubby be put to sleep.


Mark and Lou Robertson couldn’t bear the thought of losing Nubby. Against the veterinarian’s advice, they chose to become Nubby’s advocates, willing to fight for him and be his source of strength. The Robertsons took on the daunting task of bottle-feeding the puppy around the clock. As weeks passed, Nubby became stronger. Even though he seemed to be improving, Nubby had set back.


He developed issues with his esophagus which hindered eating and breathing. The couple faced the bleak decision once again whether to continue to fight for the pup’s life or put him down. But their love and faith in Nubby didn’t waiver. They continued on their quest to save the dog’s life.


With treatment, the tiny warrior prevailed again, thanks to his caring parents and his fighting spirit. When he was big enough, his parents bought him a special wheelchair and he loved it! He was able to run and play and live a full. The once defenseless, fragile pup proved that through love and devotion, anything is pawsible! Play the video below to see the precious pup all grown up!

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