Dog Snuggled Into Her Injured Brother To Feel His Chest Rise And Fall

On the side of the road on a bitterly cold day, two dogs snuggled together to keep warm. The two pups, Heart and Soul, had faced countless hardships together. With no other choice but to fend for themselves, the dogs formed an unbreakable bond. They relied on one another for resources, love, and companionship. Their challenging days were made a bit easier because they had one another. But then tragedy struck. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Heart and Soul faced the unthinkable. A speeding car hit Soul, leaving the pup injured and afraid.


A woman thankfully came to their aid after witnessing the accident. She placed Heart in her car’s front seat, wrapped Soul in a blanket, and laid him in the back. She raced over to the shelter where a vet was on staff. The dogs were brought inside. If anyone came near Soul, Heart barked wildly, not wanting anyone to harm her best friend.

Soul’s injuries were severe, and there was not much that could be done. Donna said, “Heart was by Soul’s side [every moment] until the last.” Shelter staff, along with Donna, cried mournfully as Soul passed on. Heart was devastated, but in spite of losing her best friend, she knew life had to go on.


The shelter found Heart a forever family, but before they said farewell, they purchased a locket in Soul’s memory. It had an angel’s wing on it. They affixed the locket to the dog’s collar so that her best friend’s memory would go everywhere she went, and always remain close to her heart.

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