Dog Treads Frigid Icy Waters, Loses Consciousness As Guy Pulls Him Out

This nail-biting tale began when a stray dog, later named Charlie, fell into the ice while walking across a lake. He was freezing cold and frightened. As he struggled to stay above the water, he screamed out as loud as he could. His repeated cries were thankfully heard, and a Good Samaritan reached out to others to assemble a rescue team of first responders. One rescuer, Jeff, put on his gear and slid his way over to Charlie. But the pain from the ice rattled him to the core. Jeff wasn’t sure if he could continue, but the team kept assuring him that he could.


As Jeff slid closer, the unstable ice posed a threat. If it gave way, and he fell in as well, it would be horrific. He was wrapped by ropes to ensure he wouldn’t sink too deep, but the initial shock of the water would certainly be a nightmare. He got closer and was able to stand in the break of the ice where Charlie was trapped. The pup whimpered louder as he saw the kind human, reiterating his desperation.


Jeff pulled the dog out of the water, but Charlie was too cold and tired to move. He laid on the frigid ice and gave up as he fought to stay alive. Jeff would have to wrap his arms around the pooch while the other rescuers pulled both of them to dry land. The dog soon lost consciousness. Will the rescue be a success? Will Charlie manage to recover after being in the cold water for an extended period of time? Play the video below to see how the story ends.

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