Dog Won’t Stop Moving Once Out Of Confinement, Melts Into Her & Sleeps

Ross, a 72-pound Pit Bull, was just two hours away from being euthanized when a kind-hearted woman rescued him. She was determined to give him a second chance at life. The rescuer, who didn’t have space for Ross at her home, brought him to her office while she searched for a forever home for him. Ross was smelly because he wasn’t well cared for. It was also clear he had experienced trauma from being confined for a long time. In order to make him feel comfortable, the woman got into the shower, fully clothed, to bathe him.


Ross was restless and couldn’t settle down, so the woman took him outside multiple times throughout the night. It wasn’t until around 3:30 a.m. that Ross finally stopped moving and melted into her arms as if he finally understood that he was safe. They went back inside, and Ross was able to comfortably close his eyes and sleep.


Determined to find Ross a loving home, the woman posted about him on Facebook. In no time, an amazing lady reached out, wanting to adopt him. Ross seemed to know from the moment they met that he had found his person. While on his freedom ride, Ross fell asleep on her lap in the car, showing just how perfectly happy and safe he felt with his new mama. She felt the same way about Ross and fell asleep on him as well.

Now, Ross gets to run, play, and enjoy being a dog – something he has always deserved. His new mama ‘is just as obsessed with him as he is with her.’ Together, they have found happiness and a beautiful new beginning.

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