Drunk Monkey Goes on Rampage Fueled by Jealously Over Owner’s New Husband

Ascorned, drunk money reportedly went on a wild revenge spree and bit five people after becoming jealous of his owner’s partner.

Garik, a monkey from the village of Myliki, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, escaped from his owner, Anna, on Friday after her husband let him out of his cage, Russian outlet Knife Media reported.

The monkey reportedly grabbed an open bottle of whiskey, which he sipped from, and then ran outside and started his wild rampage.

The escaped monkey sunk his teeth into five people, including a pregnant woman and a local journalist who was bit on the lip and had stitches, according to the local Telegram channel, Amur Mash.

Fontanka, a Russian news channel, reported that Garik worked up an appetite and picked up tulips to eat the buds, enjoyed an apple, and even polished off a few cookies. The drunken money was so strong that three men had to restrain him after he was lured in with sugar cookies.

Shocking footage shows a man catching the monkey in what looks like a net after a failed attempt to catch him off a roof.

All of Garik’s victims have since received rabies injections. He is now at the Python Zoo Center where he will stay since his owner can no longer control him.

Garik’s bad behavior reportedly started two years ago when his owner, Anna, got married. He became jealous and exhibited aggressive behavior.

When the monkey was examined, vets did not find any diseases; however, they reported a strong stench of alcohol, Knife Media said.

A new law for the responsible treatment of animals entered into force in 2020 that prohibits 33 species of animals from being kept as pets, according to news outlet Russia Beyond.

The Russian outlet added that any wild pet purchased up until 1 January 2020 was allowed to be kept as domestically.

It is not the first time a monkey has wreaked havoc on Russian residents. In July 2022, a monkey attacked a 2-year-old Ukrainian refugee the in village of Terpigorievo when she was playing in a swimming pool with friends.

The little girl sustained severe injuries after the monkey attacked and dragged her to the ground from the pool and bit her. Her family ran towards her in an attempt to stop the attack but their efforts were futile as the monkey continued to attack despite the girl’s father kicking it.

In January, an escaped capuchin named Charlie escaped the Rathdrum Monkey Sanctuary in County Wicklow, Ireland. His owner urged hunters not to shoot him as he was “looking for love”; his owner reported that he disappeared when he moved him away from the female monkeys in the sanctuary.

This article by Lydia Patrick was first published by Newsweek on 21 May 2024. Lead Image: Stock image of a monkey sitting on a fence. A monkey escaped from his home over the weekend wreaking havoc across a Russian village. ITMAN__47/ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS.

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