Dumped 16-Year-Old Dog’s Distressing Cries Rocked Woman To Her Core


When a senior dog named Link was dumped at the shelter at the age of 16, he had no idea what was going on. The little dog would sit there and cry for hours. He was confused and overwhelmed. He had lived with the same family all his life, but they gave up on him. A woman named Carly stumbled upon a picture of Link posted by her friend Angel and immediately fell in love with him. Despite his age and numerous health problems, Carly knew Link needed a fresh start and deserved all the love in the world. She went to meet Link at the shelter, and their connection was instant. Link even settled down once he heard Carly’s voice and felt her gentle touch. Carly made it official. Soon, Link was on his way to his forever home.


Upon bringing Link home, Carly noticed that her own dog, Toad, was incredibly excited to meet his new companion. In the first few days, Toad was concerned about Link’s health and never left his side. Link would constantly whine and itch due to skin issues. Toad took it upon himself to be Link’s emotional support and that still hasn’t changed.


Now, after having Link for a little over two years, Carly marvels at the transformation the once-shy and nearly furless dog has undergone. Link, now around 18 years old, has gained a significant amount of fur and looks like a completely different dog. Toad, a cuddly and sweet 80-pound dog, loves his tiny 7-pound brother, and the two can often be seen snuggling together on the couch.

Carly often receives comments from passersby about the unlikely pair when walking both dogs. Link, despite his age, is quite a demanding and energetic dog. He barks a lot and is always eager to sniff and meet new people. Link’s health has improved significantly since Carly adopted him. He does have a cataract in one eye, affecting his vision, but Carly has made sure he receives every possible treatment for his allergies and skin problems.


Carly and Toad feel incredibly lucky to have found Link and are grateful for the opportunity to care for him and provide him with love in the last years of his life. Play the video below to meet Link and see his dramatic transformation and heartwarming relationship with Toad. This story is a reminder that no matter the age, EVERY dog is deserving of a forever home.

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