Florida woman is left bloodied and bruised after being bitten by ALLIGATOR while trying to protect her dog on New Year’s Eve: ‘I’m glad he didn’t close his mouth’


A Florida woman was left bloodied and bruised after battling an alligator to protect her dog on New Year’s Eve.

The reptile launched at Gwen Cash’s Rottweiler, Maximus, moments after the pair stepped outside their home near Holly Lake in Pembroke Pines.

Cash said: ‘He kind of turned as if he was going for my dogs throat and I was trying to put my arm around my dog’s chest and that’s how I got scratched’.

‘I’m glad he didn’t close his mouth,’ she added.

Cash was left with bruises and deep scratches on her arm, but felt grateful she was able to get her dog back inside the house safely.

Cash has lived in Pembroke Pines her whole life because she enjoys the wildlife close to the area, WSVN reported.

Florida is home to more than one million gators, and Holly Lake is known for being one of the bodies of water in the state that is home to the reptiles.

Cash had never minded before but is now concerned about how comfortable the alligator was around her.

‘The fact that he’s not scared worries me,’ she said. ‘If not my dog, somebody’s little kid could be playing…’

Cash is now working with a trapper to relocate the alligator to prevent someone else being injured or worse.

The Pembroke Pines nextdoor page posted advice this week about how residents can stay safe.

Tips include never feeding alligators, keeping pets away from potential alligator habitats, and being cautious of fresh or brackish waters – especially during early morning and evening hours.

‘Let’s stay informed and respectful of our local wildlife to ensure safety for everyone in our community!’ the post stated.

This article by Emma Saletta was first published by The Daily Mail on 4 January 2024. Lead Image: Zsolt Palatinus / Pexels.

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