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The property lies within the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge (EHNWR), a region with an essential role in protecting and restoring water resources while serving as one of the nation’s most important biodiversity hotspots with many endemic (found only in this region) and listed species. This area supplies most of the water needed for Everglades restoration as well as drinking water for one-third of all Floridians and supports iconic species such as the Florida panther, Everglade snail kite, crested caracara, Florida grasshopper sparrow, Florida scrub-jay, and large populations of wading birds.  

The National Wildlife Refuge Association and our partner, The Florida Conservation Group, work at the watershed scale in the Greater Everglades Region to protect and restore wildlife habitat, wetlands, and floodplains.

Cattle ranches are the primary rural land use in these watersheds, and their protection means they will continue to provide important habitat, wildlife corridors, and the best opportunities for wetland restoration and water storage today and for generations to come.

For more information, please contact Julie Morris, Florida and Gulf Coast Programs Manager, National Wildlife Refuge Association.

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