Freezing Rabbit in Caseyville, Illinois, Needs Your Help

PETA has learned about a rabbit who’s confined to an open-air hutch without any means of preserving body heat and who will be facing temperatures as low as 3 degrees this weekend. The hutch has only wire on three sides, leaving the animal completely exposed to the cold and wind. Authorities mockingly told PETA caseworkers that “an emergency would be a rabbit eating a person, not a rabbit needing help,” while refusing to send an officer to address this possibly fatal situation. With subfreezing temperatures coming fast, this Caseyville rabbit is at high risk for hypothermia, frostbite, and death unless he or she is provided with adequate and insulated shelter or brought inside for the duration of this cold front.

A photograph reportedly taken at the property

Conditions at the property appear to violate Illinois’ anti-cruelty statute (Section 70/3), which requires that “adequate shelter and protection from the weather be provided for all animals.” With law-enforcement officials refusing to respond, we need your voice!

Please contact the following authorities in the Village of Caseyville to demand urgent intervention on behalf of the rabbit, who doesn’t have adequate shelter or protection from the weather. Remind officials that the public will hold them accountable if this animal is allowed to freeze to death or simply suffer in the bitter cold without relief.

Caseyville Police Department
618-344-2151 (Press 1)

Chief Tom Coppotelli
618-344-2151, ext. 113
[email protected]

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