Frogs in Tiny Boxes: Demand That Ace Hardware Stop Selling Them!


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Ace Hardware locations around the country are selling miniature tanks containing African dwarf frogs. These tiny cubes are far too small to sufficiently house these fragile animals. Urge Ace Hardware to stop selling small, transparent boxes with live frogs trapped inside.

African dwarf frogs require specialized care—yet consumers are misled to believe that they’re “low-maintenance.” Many frogs die as a result. In nature, they live 15 years on average. In captivity, they’re lucky to make it to age 5.

Selling frogs in these tiny boxes is inhumane. The artificial “biospheres” don’t allow them enough space to live comfortably, and there’s no filtration system, so the water can quickly become filthy and toxic. Frogs are vectors of salmonella and can easily pass the dangerous bacteria to humans, including children or immunocompromised people.

Please use the form below to urge Ace Hardware to stop selling live frogs immediately!


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