Fun Chicken Facts Straight From the Bird’s Mouth With Bree and Camille

Did you know that chickens like to sunbathe? Or that they dream when they sleep? Learn more interesting and surprising facts about chickens from TeachKind’s video featuring author Camille Licate and her rescued rooster companion, Bree!

Bree was rescued off the street in New York City when he was just a chick. Camille took him into her home, and the two have been inseparable ever since. They work together to inspire everyone they can with the story of Bree’s rescue and to empower kids to take positive action for animals (including humans) and the planet.

Check out their video:

You can read more about Bree’s inspiring story in Bree and Me: A True Story of a Rescue Rooster’s Journey.

You can also pair this video with TeachKind’s rescue story about Herman the duckling, another bird who needed help, as a way to encourage kindness both in and out of the classroom.

Download Herman’s Rescue Story Reading Comprehension Worksheet!

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