Get Pluralsight 50% Right Now! Great Sale!

Every once in a while, but not often, you can get a really good deal on Pluralsight. Right now you can get Pluralsight 50% off of the normal price (for an annual upgrade… month-t0-month is 33% off, which is still pretty good).

I wanted to share this with you because everyone needs continuing education. Techies, who probably make up the bulk of Pluralsight’s audience, have chosen a career where they have to always be learning. Certain professions need continuing education to keep their licenses or other designations current. But really, who shouldn’t continue to learn?

Never Heard of Pluralsight?

If you’ve been around JibberJobber for more than a minute you have likely heard of Pluralsight. But if you don’t know what it is, let me tell you 🙂

Pluralsight is a library of thousands of courses to help you with your career. Originally created for programmers, and delivering some of the very best programming education out there, they offer non-techie courses to help with your career. My courses are all soft skills courses. Some of the courses there help with other areas of your career (like product management, project management, UI/UX, etc.).

I have a few job search and career courses, as well as other courses that will help in your job search (even though they aren’t specific just to job seekers).

Get Pluralsight 50% Right Now

This isn’t going to last long, so I’d recommend you get it before you forget. For one price, get access to thousands of courses for a whole year. When you want to watch a programmer or server or networking course, watch it. Watch it more than once, then watch related courses. What product management courses, prep for your project management certification exam, learn how to become business analyst, and definitely watch my soft skills courses.

Even if you only watch a course every month or two, you’ll still get value for this Pluralsight 50% discount.

So that’s it… a short, simple message for you. Trust me, this is an offer that, if you can, you should jump on right now. Pluralsight 50% is a sweet deal.

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