Guy Corners Puppy Under Bridge And Covers Her Face With Styrofoam Cup


A Dallas DogRRR volunteer recently rescued a tiny, abandoned puppy from a potentially tragic fate and helped her find a loving forever home. This heartwarming story demonstrates the dedication and compassion of animal rescue volunteers, as well as the resilience of animals who have faced difficult circumstances. The volunteer, Kerry, received a tip about a puppy abandoned under a bridge in Dallas. The puppy was tiny, weighing only 12 pounds, and was difficult to spot in her hiding place. Kerry knew that if he left the puppy there, her chances of survival were slim.


Approaching the frightened puppy with a calm and reassuring demeanor, Kerry patiently waited for her to trust him. He found a discarded styrofoam cup in the grass, which he used to protect himself from potential bites, as the scared puppy initially lashed out. As soon as Kerry scooped the puppy up into his arms, her personality transformed. Realizing that she was now safe, the puppy began to relax and trust her rescuer. He immediately decided to take her home and nurse her back to health.


Once in the safety of Kerry’s home, the puppy quickly opened up and became a loving, affectionate companion. She would roll over for belly rubs and happily jump onto her rescuer’s lap, showing her gratitude for being saved. Kerry’s ultimate goal was to find the perfect forever home for the puppy so that she would never have to face such terrifying circumstances again. Thankfully, he was successful in this mission, as the puppy was adopted by a loving family who adores her.


This story is a testament to the dedication and love that animal rescue volunteers like those at Dallas DogRRR exhibit every day. Their tireless efforts to save and rehabilitate animals in need make a world of difference for these creatures, giving them a chance at a happy and healthy life.

It is essential to support organizations like Dallas DogRRR, as they rely on donations and volunteers to continue their vital work. By raising awareness about the plight of abandoned and abused animals, we can all play a part in creating a brighter future for these deserving creatures.

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