Guy Opens His Home To Pregnant Pittie, Finds Out She Also Has A Sister

Foster parents are essential when it comes to finding shelter animals a safe haven. Without their bravery and commitment, stories like this one wouldn’t exist. When a heavily pregnant Pit Bull named Erica was surrendered to a shelter due to her owner becoming homeless, she was fortunate enough to be picked up by a caring foster father. From the moment they met, Erica immediately bonded with him, melting into his arms with her friendly and outgoing nature. Despite her challenging situation, Erica remained unfazed, simply seeking attention and love from her new foster parent.


Two days after Erica was taken in, the shelter reached out to inform her foster dad that she had a sister, Diamond, who had been brought in with her. Diamond was in a state of deep depression, missing her sister and the companionship they had shared. Knowing that the two needed each other, the foster father quickly returned to the shelter to reunite the sisters.

The moment they were brought back together, Erica and Diamond began cuddling, licking each other, and sitting on top of one another as if they had never been separated. It was clear that the bond between these two dogs was strong and that they needed each other’s support during this difficult time.


That very night, after being reunited with her sister, Erica went into labor. It seemed as if she had been waiting for the comfort and stability of having her sister by her side before giving birth. Erica gave birth to 13 puppies, but unfortunately, only seven of them survived.

As a new mother, Erica became fiercely protective of her puppies, not allowing any other dogs, including Diamond, to come near them. Diamond, however, remained determined to be close to her sister and the new puppies, persistently walking around the area where Erica and her puppies were staying. Gradually, Erica began to allow Diamond to come closer, eventually letting her near the puppies after a couple of weeks.


With this newfound trust, Erica and Diamond began to co-parent the puppies together. Diamond provided support to Erica, giving her time to relax and recover from the birth by cuddling with her or even taking care of the puppies in her place. It was clear that the sisters were working together to ensure the best possible outcome for their new family.

The hope now is that the puppies will find loving homes. Diamond, who clearly thrives in the company of other dogs, needs a home where she can continue to be surrounded by love and companionship. Ideally, someone will open their home to both Diamond and Erica, allowing the sisters to remain together and continue their incredibly strong bond.

This heartwarming tale of sisterly love between Erica and Diamond serves as a testament to the resilience and devotion of these two dogs. Despite facing adversity and separation, their bond remained unbreakable, ultimately allowing them to reunite and co-parent their new family together.

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