Guy Pulls Injured Dog Out Of Dumpster Before Trash Collector Came To Empty It


A heartless monster dumped his dog in a dumpster with no remorse. The innocent dog was injured and neglected. Instead of getting him the help he needed, his cowardly owner left him to suffer. Thankfully, a police officer noticed the dog and pulled him out just in time. Who knows what would’ve happened to this precious soul if help didn’t arrive? The pup was taken to a local vet clinic to be assessed. That’s when the rescue group Los Adoptables stepped in to aid in his care.


Once back at the rescue center, the grateful pup, now named Ozzy, gave one of the rescuers the sweetest kisses to thank her for her affection. After a thorough examination, the vet realized the pup’s leg was broken and he was fitted for a cast. The dog was such a little fighter! He even tried to walk around with the cast on. Next, it was time to head over to his foster home. Ozzy was happy to meet his new foster siblings and couldn’t wait to play with them.


Even though Ozzy was surrounded by other dogs to play with, he became attached to a giant stuffed toy named Pedro instead. He couldn’t get enough of the creature and dragged him around everywhere he went. It’s seriously the cutest thing! There are many adventures awaiting Ozzy as he still looks for his forever home. Interested in adopting Ozzy or know someone who is, click the link here.

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