Guy With 13 Dogs Insists On Rescuing Another Pup That Spent Two Weeks In Lot


Rachel and her husband were driving when they spotted a lonely dog in a parking lot. According to the employees of a nearby store, the dog had been abandoned in the parking lot two weeks prior and had been waiting for her owners to return for her.

The couple, who already had 13 dogs of their own, knew they couldn’t leave her there and decided to take her home.


They set up a space in their laundry room for the dog to decompress and relax. Rachel quickly realized that the dog, who they named Lucy, had likely never lived inside a house before. The next day, they took Lucy for a walk in their yard, and she was overjoyed. She couldn’t stop running around, smelling the other dogs, and exploring her new environment.

The couple slowly introduced Lucy to their other dogs, starting with Ellie, the alpha female. It was love at first sight, and the two dogs quickly became inseparable. As Lucy met each new dog, she learned how to play and socialize with them. Despite her tough past, Lucy was incredibly sweet and gentle.


Lucy formed a powerful bond with Rachel’s husband. It was as if she knew he had been the one to rescue her and fight for her wellbeing. Lucy would always choose his side whenever they sat on the couch together. It was clear that she had found her person.


The couple continued searching for Lucy’s original owners, just in case someone was looking for her. They didn’t know if they would be able to keep her permanently. However, after about a month, Rachel knew that Lucy was meant to stay with them. She had become a member of their pack and was so sweet and thankful to be there. The thought of uprooting her again was unimaginable. Lucy continues to thrive in her new home with her parents and doggy siblings.

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