Hope, the Turtle Born with an Exposed Heart Beating Outside Her Body is Thriving Against All Odds [Video]


We all face different kinds of challenges in our lives. Sometimes the obstacles feel impossible to overcome. Those are the moments when we need a little extra inspiration and hope.

When Mike first learned about a little turtle with an exposed heart, he knew that he had to take her in.

He knew that keeping her healthy would be difficult, but he wouldn’t give up on this poor animal who needed a little extra help. So Mike took the tiny turtle to his home and named her Hope.

At first, Hope was around the size of a coin and couldn’t see well. Mike had to give her special care and monitor her size to make sure that she would grow up healthy and strong.

He fed her with tongs several times a day because she had trouble seeing and because bacteria was a huge risk to her exposed heart, he made sure the water was always clean and at the proper temperature.

After a year and a half of Mike’s attentive care, Hope has grown so much! She is thriving and still growing. She’s even playful and gets excited when Mike gets home.

These two have a very special bond. This video will no doubt bring a smile to your face and give you a little extra hope.

This article by Shelby Hettler was first published by One Green Planet on 28 December 2023. Image Credit : The Dodo/YouTube.

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