How Is Mars Candy Connected to Bleeding Animals?


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An undercover PETA investigation found that animals imprisoned at The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank (TVBB) in Indiana were elderly, emaciated, sick, and being denied adequate veterinary care—but what does a Snickers bar have to do with the suffering animals at this facility? The candy company Mars Inc. owns BluePearl Pet Hospital and VCA Animal Hospitals, reportedly two of TVBB’s remaining customers. Find out how you can urge Mars Inc. to say no to taking blood from captive animals.

DO NOT USE until the investigation is live cats in caged area at blood bank

There’s Nothing Sweet About How TVBB Exploits Animals

TVBB confines more than 900 dogs and cats to barren kennels and crowded pens in order to take their blood and sell it to veterinary clinics. Our investigator found that workers bled animals who were elderly, emaciated, and sick with upper respiratory infections, bone cancer, and other health problems. Many of them were born and bred at TVBB, although the facility also acquired homeless animals and animals obtained by answering ads “looking for a good home” for them. No matter how animals arrive at TVBB, most of them remain there—deprived of joy and affection, among other necessities—for life. According to TVBB, several major veterinary hospital chains with locations across the U.S. purchase blood taken from these animals.

A state veterinarian who inspected TVBB noted that the animals there were bled more frequently than and past the age that blood banking and transfusion safety standards dictate. Workers took a dog named Kolbie’s blood every three weeks until she was “retired” just before her 12th birthday and eventually—after much pleading with the facility’s management—adopted by PETA’s investigator.

Kolbie the hound confined in a cage at The Veterinarians' Blood Bank, before a PETA investigator rescued her

The state inspector also found dogs kept in rusty kennels without bedding as well as cats with eye discharge and serious dental issues and noted that every dog whose teeth she examined had “moderate to severe” dental disease.

Urge Mars Inc. to Stop Obtaining Blood From Imprisoned Animals

Take action below by urging Mars Inc. to implement a policy against obtaining blood from imprisoned animals. Urge the company to commit to obtaining blood only from healthy animals who live in homes as beloved members of a family and are volunteered for periodic blood donations by their guardians, and urge your own veterinarian to do the same.

Mars Inc., Reject Blood Taken From Suffering Animals


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