How Strong Are Kangaroos? (Answered)


We cannot challenge the fact that kangaroos are one of the world’s most unique species. Kangaroos come in the list of the world’s largest marsupial species and are also the most recognizable. These big healthy animals live in Australia and New Guinea. They use hop for movement; this species is special in Australia, but are kangaroos strong animals?  

 Kangaroos are popular for their large tail, big feet, and strong back legs. Four species of kangaroos live in Australia:

  • The antilopine kangaroo.
  • The red kangaroo.
  • The western gray kangaroo.
  • The eastern grey kangaroo.

But Goodfellow’s and Dorastree’s kangaroos live in the rainforests of New Guinea. 

The red kangaroos are the largest among all the species of kangaroos. The average height of the red kangaroo is about 5 to 6 feet, and its weight can be up to 200 pounds. But how strong are kangaroos, and what facts make them very powerful animals? Let’s find out. 

How Strong Are Kangaroos? 

Kangaroos are powerful animals. Their powerful hind legs help them leap forward with speed and agility. Male kangaroos are quite strong than female ones because they are continuously growing. The old kangaroo is stronger than the young one. Normally, kangaroos do not show aggression towards humans, but they are dangerous and can defend themselves if needed. 

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Some Facts About Why They Are Strong Animals:

  • Kangaroos are strong animals because their bite is very strong with agile movements. They also run at a good speed.
  • Male kangaroos are stronger than females, but females are more aggressive because they have to protect their joeys(children). 
  • A male kangaroo can swipe their opponents at 8,800 lb.-ft./s force.
  • A kangaroo’s average punch force is about 275 pounds. 
  • Red kangaroos are stronger because they can hit their opponent by taking a speed of 40 mph with 279 pounds of force. 

How Strong Are The Kangaroo’s Legs?

Kangaroo’s strong legs are a main advantage, making them the strongest animals in Australia. In fact, kangaroos are animals that have the strongest hind legs in the animal kingdom. They can hop 25 feet in the air in one leap with the help of their strong legs. They can run at the speed of 35 miles per hour. 

How Strong Are The Kangaroo's Legs?

But how can they do that or get such power? Well, their tendons perform the main task in this procedure. Kangaroos’ legs have these powerful and flexible tendons that help or allow them to store a lot of energy. 

When they use this energy, they get a powerful boost that helps them to run at incredible speed. These muscles also help them to generate massive force. Kangaroo’s muscular back legs always help them to move forward and upward with each step. 

How Strong Is The Kangaroo’s Grip?

If we talk about animals with a powerful grip, we cannot get the kangaroos out of it. Kangaroos are one the animals in the world that have a very powerful grip. We can estimate the power of their grip by this; that they can easily break and crush bones and branches.

How Strong Is The Kangaroo's Grip?

Kangaroos’ legs and arms are very muscular and powerful. Their muscular shoulder strengthens them when they grip something for break and crush. In fact, their huge claws are also very dangerous. So, all these factors help them in the gripping.  

So, try not to threaten them because they have powerful claws and muscular bodies that can do massive damage.      

How Strong Are The Kangaroo’s Kicks?

Kangaroos are very popular for their strong hind legs, which they use to defend themselves. Their kick is quite very powerful. Although they use their legs for movement or jumping, if they feel threatened, then they will use their legs for fighting.

Kangaroos have the most muscular legs among all the other animals. Their hind legs can generate a lot of power in a kick. In fact, a single kangaroo kick can kill a human. 

A kangaroo kick force is about 200 pounds and can easily send a healthy man flying through the air. But, as we mentioned early, the red kangaroo kick is the most powerful than other kangaroos, and they can kick at a force of 759 pounds. 

Important Note: A kangaroo punch can easily shatters human bones. 

A Kangaroo Swipe Force

A Kangaroo Swipe Force

Kangaroos have powerful hind limbs, but their forelimbs are not too strong. Usually, they use their forelimbs as hands to tear apart the leaves, shrubs and branches from the trees. However, they always use their body size and speed to get a mighty swipe. 

An average force swipe of a kangaroo is about 8,800 lb.-ft./s. A kangaroo’s swipe force is nine times stronger than a healthy human’s and quite similar to an average mountain lion’s. However, the force of the swipe depends upon the kangaroo’s weight and speed. 

How Fast Can Kangaroos Run?

Usually, the kangaroos hop up and down instead of running. A kangaroo run at high speed. A kangaroo can hop at an excellent speed of 44 miles ( 71 km/h). According to some research, kangaroos are the 10th number on the list of fastest animals in the world. A kangaroo run at high speed.

How Fast Can Kangaroos Run?

Kangaroo’s speed is much faster than a human’s. A human can run at the speed of 15mph. They can run faster than the polar (25 mph), and grizzly (35 mph) bears. But, they are not faster than the lion (80 km/h) and tiger (49-65 km/h). 

Kangaroos run fast because they always use their strong tails to balance themselves during running. This helps them a lot to change direction quickly without facing problems in the balance. 

Their hind limbs contain strong muscles and flexible tendons that work like springs. So, kangaroos use their hind legs to hop. 

How Strong Is The Kangaroo’s Punch?

Many people worldwide search this particular query, how powerful is a kangaroo punch? Well, let’s find out. Kangaroos have a unique body structure. They have two legs, big tails and two arms. 

Some people think their tiny arms are useless, but it’s not true. Their forearms are really powerful, and they use them for fighting and grabbing the branches of the tree and other things. 

Kangaroos’ kick is strong than their punch. But they also contain power in their punches. A kangaroo punch can easily break human bones. Buff Kangaroos are very popular for crushing things with their bare hands, and they can punch at the force of 275 pounds. 

How Strong Are The Kangaroo’s Tails?

Kangaroo tails takes an important part in its survival. Kangaroo’s tail is very strong, and they use them to defend themselves from predators. Their tails are so strong that they carry the weight of a kangaroo’s entire body. The average weight o a kangaroo is about 200 pounds. 

The tail always helps a kangaroo to maintain its body balance during the hopping. If the balance is completely right, it will quickly change its direction, which helps a kangaroo to escape from predators. 

Some researchers said a kangaroo uses its tail as an additional leg. When they fight, their body balance is completely on their tail, so they can easily kick their opponents. 

Kangaroos or Humans, Who Contain More Strength?

Kangaroos are much stronger than humans. A kangaroo is 6 to 8 times more powerful than a human. Their strong bite has a force of 900 PSI, which is less than the other apex predators, such as the great white shark ( 1.8 tonnes). A human’s bite force is just about 162 PSI, which is too less than a kangaroo’s. 

Kangaroos or Humans

Although, a kangaroo’s kick and swipe strength are also very powerful than humans. The punch force is also too strong than the human’s punch. A healthy, strong man can punch at the force of just 45 pounds. So, kangaroo swipe power is six-time greater than humans. 

Male or Female Kangaroos. Who Is The More Powerful?

Male kangaroos are stronger than female ones. Males have big shoulders and chests and have muscular or thicker arms. They jump higher because their legs are more muscular and bigger than the females. Males also have big tails, which helps them to maintain balance during hopping.

So, these facts make males stronger than females. Although, females are also quite strong. The females are more quick and agile than the males. Their small size also helps them to move in different directions more quickly than the males. 

The females always exhibit more aggressive behavior because they have to protect their joeys (children) from predators. In the end, both males and female have their unique strengths, which they use to protect themselves. 

Final Words

Kangaroos are a very unique and special specie of the world. We can also say they are athletic animals. These two-leg animals live their lives in Australia.

They have very strong hind legs, muscular shoulders, and big powerful tails that make them very strong animals of the world. They have the ability to jump over long distances, hop at high speed, and their punching and kicks contain massive Strength. So, how strong are kangaroos? The given information answers this query quite perfectly. 


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