How Tall Is An Emu?


Emus are fantastic creatures in various perspectives. They are flightless birds with very small hair-like feathers and can run at a speed of 50 kilometers. A bird that cannot fly but can run with massive speed? Is it not amazing? Is it but what about emu height? How tall is an emu?

On average, emu height remains between 5 to 6 feet. Male emu height can vary between 5 feet to 5.5 feet, while females have an extra advantage. The height of a female emu varies between 5 to 6 feet and sometimes, they can cross 6 feet.

This was a fast reply for you; if you are in a hurry to find the answer about your query but if you want to get proper knowledge about insights of the topic, such as how emu taller height help in their living and why females are larger in height than males, you have to stay with us at the last of the article.

So, let’s go.

To Eat

Emu, with large height, can scan more area around him for foraging opportunities. They are native to Australian landscapes, where most plants grow at lower levels. Their height, with their keen eyesight, allows them to find more foraging opportunities.

Further, they also eat insects, and scanning vast areas enhances their opportunities to find insects. Their long neck also plays an important role in grabbing scattered insects.

Note: Australia is a habitat of most herbivore animals. So, against their competitors with less height, emu take benefit and eat such leaves and fruits that grow on height.  

Against Predators

With a tall height that gives them a wider look to analyze their surroundings, they can keep an eye on their predators. Dingoes are famous as emu predator, but emus, with a height taller than surrounding plants, can escape before their arrival.

Note: In the wild, showing yourself bigger than your predator, even against a lion, can be a working bluff. I also witnessed a fight between a tiger and a sloth bear where the sloth bear showed himself taller by standing on its hind legs (actually, it was not taller) than a tiger. This bluff works, and the tiger abandons this attack.

Further, taller height allows them to use their strong legs and sharp claws independently against their predators.

To Attract Female Emu

Having a taller height is considered a victory sign for male emu. It is because during mating season, female emu shows much more interest in taller mates than other males with a lower height.

Important Note: Nature seems fair and provides necessary adaptations to every single creature. In the case of emus, both long necks and legs are mandatory for them to survive in the savanna habitats of Australia (Emu) and Africa (Ostriches).

So, taller male can join their favorite emu to mate.

No, they are not the tallest bird. Rather than owning such majestic height, they are still at number 2 but who is the No. 1 tallest bird? Ostrich is another flightless bird which is the tallest one.

taller emu

Where the maximum height for an emu is 6 feet, the ostrich can reach a maximum height of 9 feet. These giant birds have huge legs and are also animals with long necks. Their legs and long necks help them to become huge vertically. This seems that these animals are built for height as giraffes also own long necks and long but strong legs with strong and wide feet.

How Big Do Emu Get?

With a weight of between 32 to 37 kg, an emu can be impressive and huge. On weight base, emu are the 4th or 5th heaviest birds on the planet.

Overall, emu are undeniably taller and bigger in their own way, while females are a little taller than males.

Other Tallest Birds

Undoubtedly, ostrich and emu are both position holders of this high competition among birds, but not talking about the other tallest birds is not a fair thing.


These birds, which are famous due to their helmet-like facial structure over their heads, can reach 5.5 feet taller. They are native to Australia and New Guinea and can approach a weight of almost 55 kg.


Rhea are also among the birds that cannot fly. They are also built for height and have strong legs. They are native to South America and can gain height between 3.5 to 3.7 feet with a weight of almost 30 kg.

Emu Facts

  1. Emus are born too small (9 to 12 inches), but within 2 or 3 years, they approach significant height and weight.
  2. Emu has 2 types of eyelids: one is transparent, and one is the real one for blinking.
  3. They have remarkable hearing ability rather than not owning external ear lobes but they own inner ear canals.
  4. Emu can spit, but they do not use it as a defensive strategy.
  5. Emu don’t have traditional hair sets, but they have flightless birds.
  6. They lack teeth but have keratinous tomium.


With a weight between 55 to 60 kg, the emu can get taller between 5.5 to 6 feet. These are the tallest birds after ostriches but both cannot fly. Rather, they have strong legs that are enough to outrun their predators. 

With their taller size, they forage from vast areas while also keeping an eye on their surroundings. I recommend you to see an emu and surely this will be your unforgettable experience. 




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