Husband Opens Car Door And Locks Eyes With Dream Puppy He Wished For

A puppy surprise may just be the best gift ever (so long as everyone in the family is on board). One man’s wife knew her hubby was longing for a puppy. But like any big responsibility, it was all about timing. Her husband had been patient but he couldn’t help but remind his wife time and time again all about his dream dog.

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Finally, the man’s wife was ready to adopt a puppy but didn’t let her husband in on the surprise. She adopted the little one, dressed her in the prettiest pink bow, and drove her over to meet her new daddy. When her husband walked over to the passenger side to get in the car, he was surprised for sure!

Screenshot via YouTube

He couldn’t get over all her puppy cuteness and went in for a fluffy hug. The puppy instantly fell head over paws for her dad and the rest is history! Her adorable kisses say it all! She knows she found the perfect family just as they know they found the perfect pup.

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