Kathy Griffin: Make Room for Homeless Dogs

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Comedian Kathy Griffin is a pro at making people laugh, but when it comes to advocating for animals, she’s dead serious, teaming up with PETA to advocate for animal adoption and raise awareness of the plight of animals in shelters. With her four beloved rescued dogs by her side, she’s sending a powerful message: Make room for a rescued dog in your life.

Kathy Griffin tossing a tennis ball with three dogs with text reading "Make room for a shelter dog: Adopt. Don't Shop!"

Kathy shared her journey of finding companionship and joy through adopting her dogs: Olivia and Elliot (named after the famous detectives from Law & Order: SVU) and Maggie and Mary (named after her mother) have not only brought her immense happiness but also have, in her own words, “saved my life.”

“It’s not OK to buy a dog from a breeder, even if someone says they’re a “responsible breeder,” ’cause there’s actually no such thing. Right now, there is a shelter crisis, and it’s just horrifying to me as a dog lover. I got all my four dogs from legit dog rescues. And by the way, even if you have your heart set on a certain kind of dog, that’s OK because there are tons of rescues.”

—Kathy Griffin

The current state of animal shelters across the U.S. is dire, from Los Angeles to New York. On any given day, an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats are struggling to survive across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic worsened the situation, and animal shelters are bursting at the seams, with dogs and cats crammed into cages and warehoused for lack of appropriate adoptive homes as shelter staff are pressured to reduce euthanasia rates.

The solution is simple: Adopt animals instead of buying them from breeders or pet stores and prevent unwanted animals from being born by always having your companion animals spayed or neutered. Choosing adoption over shopping makes a tangible difference in the lives of animals in shelters. Every adoption means a chance at a healthy, joyful life full of love.

Kathy Griffin sitting up in a bed with three dogs around her. Text reads "This is your wake-up call to adopt, not shop"

Find Your Perfect Match Today!

So whether you’re searching for a specific breed or a marvelous mutt, heed Kathy’s advice: Skip the pet store, ditch the breeder, and head straight to your local shelter or Petfinder.com. Because when it comes to finding your perfect match, there’s no greater joy than bringing a dog home from a shelter for love, laughter, and endless tummy rubs. When you adopt, everyone wins.

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