Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions with Your Dog By Your Side!

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New Year, New You – and your dog too! Let’s make 2024 a year to remember with some paw-some resolutions and the perfect gear to help you and your pup succeed. As the new year rolls in, it’s not just an opportunity for us to set goals and dream big—it’s also a perfect time to include our furry friends in these aspirations. After all, who better to share our journey towards improvement than our loyal and loving dogs? Whether it’s about getting fit, saving money, enhancing mental well-being, losing weight, or simply eating healthier, our dogs can play an integral role in these resolutions. To celebrate that role, let’s explore the fun, practical, and dog-friendly ways to achieve your New Year’s resolutions together. From innovative gear that makes fitness a blast to budget-friendly pet care hacks, we’ve got a treasure trove of ideas to help both you and your pup thrive in the upcoming year.

The bond we share with our dogs is unique and filled with countless moments of joy. So, why not make this bond even stronger by involving them in our New Year’s resolutions? Not only will these shared goals bring you closer, but they’ll also add an element of fun and motivation to your endeavors. Get ready to embark on a memorable journey with your four-legged best friend by your side!

New Year’s Resolutions For You and Your Dog

Resolution 1: Improved Fitness – Get Moving with Your Pooch!

Embarking on a fitness journey? Fitness is more fun with a furry companion by your side. This year, transform your fitness routine into an adventure for both you and your furry friend. Here are some great ways to get active together, along with the perfect gear to make it happen.

#1 – Jogging or Hiking Adventures

Ready to get moving to improve your fitness? Imagine running through the trails with your hands free, while your dog enjoys the freedom to explore. The perfect leash will be an indispensable companion for these adventures. It keeps your dog close while allowing you both to move comfortably. Chances are, you’ve already got a leash, but why not try something a little different that will leave your hands free? The iYoShop Hands-Free Dog Leash features an adjustable waist belt and a removable zipper pouch for storing essential items, such as poop bags or keys. 

iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch
  • Includes double shock absorbers and two handles
  • Made with reflective stitching and an extra D-ring
  • Removable zipper pouch can hold poop bags, keys, etc.
  • Available in two sizes and a variety of colors

#2 – Safe and Comfortable Walks

Is running or hiking a little more extreme than you were thinking? Walking is a great way to get fit for you and your dog, but safety first! A well-fitted harness ensures your dog is secure and comfortable during your walks, runs, or hikes. Unlike a regular collar, the  Spark Paws Comfort Control No-Pull Dog Harness Set distributes pressure evenly, reducing strain on your dog’s neck. This durable and adorable option features three leash attachment spots: a ring in front of the chest reduces pulling, one on their mid-back for everyday use, and the lower-back ring is for running/hiking. In addition to the harness, this handy set also includes a matching leash and poop bag.  

Spark Paws Comfort Control No-Pull Dog Harness

-Three, Multi-Use D Rings For Different Uses

-Heavy Duty Triple Stitched Military Grade Exterior

-Soft & Comfortable Neoprene Interior 

-Adjustable & Comes In Multiple Sizes


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#3 – Elevated Adventures

Want to get your small dog or sweet senior out and about for exercise too, but they can’t go the distance? The K9 Sport Sack makes it possible. It’s a backpack for your dog! Secure and comfy, it’s perfect for letting your dog join in on hikes and bike rides they otherwise couldn’t.

K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Adjustable Backpack
  • Ergonomic design for pet comfort
  • Fully adjustable for various dog sizes
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Vet-approved for safety
  • Ventilated sides for proper airflow

#4 – Playtime Fun

Transform fetch into an exciting game that gets both of you moving. With a stick ball launcher, like the Chuckit! Classic 26M Dog Ball Launcher, you can throw farther and keep the game going longer, giving your dog a great workout (and maybe you too!). Plus, it’s a great way to interact and strengthen your bond.

Turn fitness into fun with your furry friend to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of getting fit with your dog! With these suggestions, getting fit doesn’t just mean a trip to the gym. It’s an opportunity to explore, play, and bond with your dog. After all, fitness is more fun with a tail-wagging, four-legged partner in crime!

Resolution 2: Improved Finances – Budget-Friendly Pet Care!

This New Year, let’s make a resolution to be more mindful of our spending without compromising on the quality of care for our furry friends. It’s all about smart choices that offer both durability and cost-effectiveness. Here are some savvy ways to save money while still giving your dog the best.

#1 – Playtime That Pays Off

We all know how quickly a new toy can turn into shreds. Invest in super tough toys, such as the TUFFY MEGA Gear Ring or the  KONG Classic Dog Toy, that are designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers. Not only will your dog have endless hours of play, but you’ll also save money in the long run by not having to replace destroyed toys frequently. Find more toys for dogs who play hard with The 25 Best (Almost) Invincible Dog Toys on Amazon!

#2 – A Bed That Stands the Test of Time

Beds are often a target for a dog’s chewing instincts. A chew-proof bed is a one-time investment that ensures your dog has a comfortable spot to rest without the risk of it being torn apart. Look for beds with durable materials that can resist even the most persistent chewers. The K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed offers a great choice in durability thanks to the brand’s proprietary RipStop ballistic material, which has demonstrated excellent chew resistance during tests with various breeds. The round design and a generously filled middle cushion provide a cozy and inviting rest area for dogs that will stand up to use and save you from having to replace bed after bed. 

K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed
  • Made from durable RipStop ballistic material
  • Round design for nesting comfort
  • Non-toxic, shredded CertiPUR-US foam mattress
  • Machine washable cover
  • Available in various colors & sizes

#3 – Grooming at Home

Regular trips to the groomer can quickly add up. Why not bring the grooming salon home? With the Oneisall Dog Hair Vacuum & Dog Grooming Kit, you can maintain your dog’s coat, nails, and hygiene at home with this all-in-one kit. It’s not only budget-friendly but also a great way to bond with your pet. Plus, many dogs feel more comfortable being groomed in their own home. To learn more about DIY dog grooming, check out our Dog Grooming Archive.

Oneisall Dog Hair Vacuum & Dog Grooming Kit
  • Vacuum collects 99% of pet hair
  • Includes grooming tools like clippers and nail grinder
  • Low noise design
  • Easy to empty and store
  • Comes in three colors

If bending over to bathe kills your back and squatting kills your knees, the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing & Grooming Center will save you some pain and let you clean your dog at home to save some money. This nifty grooming station keeps your dog elevated and safely contained while allowing easy access from all angles.

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing & Grooming Center
  • Elevated design and 360-degree access make for easy bathing 
  • Includes 3-point harness and patented rubberized, textured non-slip mat
  • Easy drainage and simple leg removal make storage easy
  • Supports dogs up to 175lbs. 
  • Made in the USA

Resolution 3: Improved Mental Health – Zen Vibes for You and Your Pup

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s essential to take a step back and focus on mental wellness, not just for you but for your furry companion as well. This year, let’s embrace activities that promote peace, joy, and relaxation for both you and your dog. Here are some ways to nurture your mental health together.

#1 – Mindful Walks in Nature

Take time to enjoy leisurely walks in nature with your dog. These walks are not just physical exercise but a chance to connect with the natural world. Let your dog sniff and explore – this is their way of unwinding. For you, use this time to practice mindfulness, appreciating the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

#2 – Yoga with Your Dog

Yes, dog yoga (or ‘doga’) is a thing! It’s a fun way to bond with your pet while doing gentle yoga. Your dog might not perform the poses, but they can sit nearby, and you can incorporate them into your relaxation time. This shared activity can be incredibly calming for both of you. And to help your dog feel the Zen vibes and look too cute at the same time, treat them to a pair of Spark Paws Stretchy Fleece Dog Leg Warmer Sleeves.

Spark Paws Stretchy Fleece Dog Leg Warmer Sleeves
  • Soft stretchy-fleece leg sleeves (set of 2)
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Keeps joints warm and protected
  • Available in 3 sizes and multiple colors

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#3 – Joint Relaxation Time

Set aside time each day to simply relax together. This could mean cuddling on the couch, gentle petting, or even just sitting side by side in a peaceful spot. This quiet time can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pet. And the Plufl Human-Dog Bed allows you to experience the magic of togetherness. This revolutionary bed fosters a shared sleep space that reflects the unique bond you share with your canine companion. Crafted from top-grade, hypoallergenic materials, it guarantees safety and ultimate relaxation for both you and your dog. 

The Plufl Human Dog Bed
  • Human-sized dog bed can fit you and your dogs
  • Supportive gel-infused memory foam and raised pillow edges
  • Plush fabric cover is removable and machine-washable
  • Includes a large pocket and carrying handles

#4 – Interactive Toys for Mental Stimulation

Engage your dog’s mind with interactive toys. These type of toys can keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained, which is crucial for their mental health. The iHeartDogs Sniff Diggy Mat is a specially designed enrichment tool aimed at enhancing your dog’s mental and sensory capabilities. Crafted from durable, machine-washable materials, this mat simulates a grassy foraging environment, promoting your dog’s natural hunting instincts. The Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Puzzle provides another option to challenge your pup’s brain without food or treats. Instead, this unique puzzle toy features a plush “tree trunk” with holes filled with squeaky, removable squirrel toys. Dogs are challenged to sniff, hunt, and pull out the squirrels, providing a satisfying and entertaining activity that mimics natural foraging behavior.

Resolution 4: Lose Weight – A Healthy Journey Together

One of the most common New Year resolutions for humans is weight loss. This year, if it’s a goal for your furry companion, too, tackle the task together. Embarking on this journey together not only helps in promoting a healthy lifestyle but also strengthens the bond between you and your pup. Here are some healthy, effective strategies to help your pup shed unwanted pounds, with a focus on maintaining good hydration:

#1 – Regular, Enjoyable Exercise

Slip into those new shoes, gear your pup up in their new leash and harness, and commit to daily walks or playtime! This is not just exercise for your dog but for you, too. Make these activities fun and varied to keep both you and your pet motivated. Try new walking routes, visit dog parks, or engage in different games to keep things interesting.

#2 – Healthy Diet Adjustments

Reassess your dog’s diet. Sometimes, weight gain can be due to overfeeding or unhealthy treats. Consider switching to a diet that’s high in nutrients but lower in calories. Remember to consult your vet for advice on the best diet plan for your dog’s needs. Check out our top picks in our list of the Best Dog Foods. You can also get a meal plan tailored to your dogs needs (and goals!) with Nom Nom. Take 50% Off Plus Receive Free Shipping On Your First Order of Nom Nom!

#3 – Hydration is Essential

Ensure your dog stays well-hydrated, especially when increasing physical activity. Hydration aids in metabolism and overall health. Consider investing in a dog water bottle or an automatic water dispenser to encourage regular drinking. The Springer Classic Dog Travel Water Bottle is an easy way to give your dog a sip of water on the go. The bottle comes with an attached bowl on the top, and when you squeeze the bottle, the bowl fills with water so your dog can drink from it. Then, when you stop squeezing it, the water returns into the bottle to ensure you don’t waste any.

Springer Classic Dog Travel Water Bottle
  • Simply squeeze to fill; release to drain
  • Patented leak-proof technology
  • Food safe and BPA-free materials
  • Includes aluminum carabiner clip
  • Dishwasher safe

To help hydrate more at home to help with weight loss, check out these 10 Best Dog Water Fountain Products.

#4 – Interactive Play

Engage your dog in interactive play that encourages movement. This can include fetch, agility activities, or even hide and seek with treats. These activities not only help in weight loss but also provide mental stimulation. Your new ball launch stick will serve this purpose well!

#5 – Track Progress Together

Keep a log of your pet’s weight loss journey. This can be as simple as weekly weigh-ins and noting down exercise routines keeping an eye on your pup’s activity and stats with an activity tracker for dogs. Tracking progress helps in staying motivated and making necessary adjustments to the plan.

Remember, every small step towards a healthier weight is a victory. Celebrate these milestones with your dog – it could be an extra play session, a new toy, or simply some quality time together. Here’s to a healthier and happier year for you and your furry friend!

Resolution 5: Improved Diet – Nutritious Eats for Fido

Just as our diet affects our health and mood, the same is true for our dogs. This year, focus on upgrading your furry friend’s diet with fresh, nutritious options. A healthy diet can lead to improved energy levels, a shinier coat, and overall better health. Here’s how to make your dog’s meals healthier and more enjoyable.

#1 – Incorporate Fresh Foods

Fresh foods can be a game-changer in your dog’s diet. Incorporate fresh, dog-safe fruits and vegetables into their meals. Options like carrots, apples (without seeds), and green beans are great choices. They provide essential vitamins and fiber, and most dogs love the crunch! For more nutritious snacks you can share with your dog, here are the 13 Healthiest “People Foods” For Dogs.

#2 – High-Quality Commercial Foods

If you’re opting for commercial dog food, choose high-quality brands, like Nom Nom, that list real meat, vegetables, and grains as their primary ingredients. Nom Nom personalizes your dog’s diet with recipes formulated by a canine nutritionist. This fresh dog food is made with human-grade ingredients in USDA kitchens for a premium experience your dog will crave. New customers will fill out a quiz about their dog so Nom Nom can send them a starter box with personalized food. Then, customers can get their dog’s food delivered to them on a set schedule. The food arrives frozen, so pet parents can let it thaw when it’s time to feed it to their pups.
Take 50% Off Plus Receive Free Shipping On Your First Order of Nom Nom!

Nom Nom
  • Contains no fillers, only quality proteins, veggies, vitamins, and minerals 
  • Pre-portioned meals are based on your dog’s unique dietary needs
  • Formulated by in-house Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists
  • All foods are prepared, mixed, and packed with care in USA kitchens
  • Shipped to you fresh, cold, and on your schedule

#3 – Healthy Treats

Treats are an important part of your dog’s diet too. Opt for healthy treats that are low in calories but high in nutrients. Look for treats with whole ingredients, like single-ingredient meat treats or treats made with fruits and vegetables. Our list of the 11 Best Healthy Dog Treats will help you find the option your dog will devour.

#4 – Portion Control

Pay attention to portion sizes. Overfeeding can easily lead to weight gain, even with healthy food. Use measuring cups for accuracy, and adjust portions based on your dog’s activity level and weight goals. Curious if your dog is eating too much? Check out How Much Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

#5 – Hydration

And don’t forget about water! Adequate hydration is crucial for digestion and overall health. Always have fresh water available, and consider adding wet foods to your dog’s diet to increase fluid intake.

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#6 – Consult Your Vet

Before making any significant changes to your dog’s diet, it’s wise to consult with your vet. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your dog’s specific health needs and dietary requirements. Switching to a healthier diet might take some time, especially if your dog is used to certain foods. Introduce new foods gradually and observe how your dog reacts. The goal is a happy, healthy, and tail-wagging pup at mealtime!

Make More Memories with Your Dog

There’s nothing quite like the joy and companionship that our dogs bring into our lives. This year, let’s make a commitment to create even more unforgettable memories with our furry friends. Whether it’s through adventure, play, or capturing those precious moments, here are some ideas to make every moment count:

Adventure Together

We’ve already mentioned adventuring together as a way to better your bodies, minds, and health, but a road trip or hike can be a great way to create memories with your dog too!  Equip yourself with dog-friendly travel gear such as portable water bowls, like the Springer Classic Dog Travel Water Bottle, travel beds, and doggie backpacks. These essentials ensure your dog is comfortable and safe during your adventures.

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Playtime Fun

Enhance your playtime with interactive and engaging toys. Whether it’s a new fetching toy, a puzzle game, or a tug-of-war rope, these toys not only provide entertainment but also strengthen your bond. Find the best toys to please your pup with these 20 Best Dog Toys For All Types Of Dogs!

new year's resolution dog

Explore New Places

Take your dog to new environments such as dog-friendly beaches, parks, or trails. Exploring new places together can be thrilling for your dog and equally enjoyable for you. You can also participate in dog-friendly community events like dog walks, fairs, or pet-friendly gatherings. These events are a great way to socialize and create fun memories.

Training Time

Engage in training sessions. Learning new tricks or commands is not just about obedience—it’s a fun and rewarding way to spend time together. These 10 Best Dog Training Tools will get the two of your started off on the right paw.

Relaxing Together

Sometimes, the best memories are made simply by relaxing together. A quiet evening, a cozy nook, and your dog by your side can be the perfect way to unwind and appreciate each other’s company. Curl up in a human dog bed, like the Plufl Human-Dog Bed, and make some dreamy memories.

Capture the Moments

Catch every moment of the memories you make together from your dog’s perspective. A CollarCam can capture these unique moments. Strap this small, lightweight camera to your dog’s collar and capture every adventure from an entirely new angle. This collar camera can be slipped onto the collar your dog already wears comfortably, so there’s no need to adjust a new collar.

Dog Collar Camera – The CollarCam
  • HD 1080p video quality with crisp audio
  • FREE waterproof case up to 98ft (30m)
  • 1-inch wide, 1-inch tall, and weighs only 0.4-ounces
  • Motion detection mode and night vision
  • Extra-wide 155-degree lens
  • FREE 32gb memory card & USB adapter

Let’s Make 2024 a Year to Remember!

Resolve to be together more on your journey to bettering yourself in this fresh new year. Whether it’s hitting the trails or saving some bucks, your dog will be right there with you. Here’s to a year of growth, health, and happiness – for both you and your four-legged best friend!

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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