Liberty, North Carolina


(A) It shall be a violation of this section to tether or chain a dog for any purpose other than exercise and waste elimination.

(B) If an animal is to be chained or tethered for exercise or waste elimination, the animal is to be confined to an owner’s property and in such a manner that the chain or tether cannot become entangled and prevent the animal from moving about freely, lying down comfortably in an area free of waste or having access to adequate food, water and shelter.

(C) A dog is considered to be tethered in violation of this section if the Administrator, or animal control officer(s), observe(s) the dog tethered 3 or more consecutive times, with each observation approximately a minimum of 10 minutes apart, over a period of 45 to 90 minutes on any given occurrence.

(D) The chain or tether shall be of the minimum weight and size to restrain the dog.

(E) Penalties:

(1) First violation: $25 fine per dog, per occurrence.

(2) Second violation: $50 per dog, per occurrence.

(3) Third and subsequent violation: $150 per dog, per occurrence.

(F) If an owner/keeper transfers ownership of the dog(s) to another party but the animal remains at the original property, the fines will continue escalating as indicated in § 96.30(D) as if no transfer had occurred.

(G) If an owner/keeper moves and/or acquires a different dog and is found in violation of this chapter, the fees will continue escalating as indicated in § 96.30(D), as if no move or acquisition had occurred.

(H) If the owner/keeper cannot be identified, any adult at the residence, having the ability to access the dog shall be identified as the responsible person.

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