Maltese Puppy Tossed Out For Broken Paw, Moves About & Wails As They Neared

Evelyn seemed to be a kind soul and a wonderful mother, but she was hiding a sinister side to her that would soon be revealed. When she purchased a beautiful Maltese puppy named Snowflake for her daughter, the fluffy, sweet dog was spoiled with love and affection. Evelyn took her for daily walks, gave her treats, and even allowed the dog to sleep in bed with her. Evelyn treated Snowflake to days at the doggy spa. The woman proudly posted the Maltese’s photos to her social media page to show her off.


Snowflake and her daughter were also very close. They played for hours and snuggled together, but then, suddenly, Snowflake had an accident and broke her paw. All Evelyn had to do was bring Snowflake to the veterinarian but instead, she did the unthinkable! Unwilling to care for Snowflake and her injury, she put her in a trash bag, and tossed her out of her car window, leaving her on the side of the road.


Thankfully, a group of people saw the trash bag and went over to investigate. They opened it and found Snowflake inside. The small dog was terrified. From the trauma she suffered at the hands of Evelyn, her broken paw turned into a leg and skull fracture. The kind folks rushed Snowflake to the nearest vet clinic, where the doctor said it was best to put her down, considering the costly surgery she would need.

Snowflake’s rescuers refused to give up on the pup and told the doctor they were willing to pay for her surgery. Snowflake had certainly met her guardian angels. The surgery and rehab took seven months but the puppy pulled through! The vet was astonished by her progress. One of Snowflake’s rescuers stepped up to be her new mom and renamed her Charlotte.


The “once broken and battered pup had transformed into a symbol of resilience.” In her new home, Charlotte didn’t just receive love and support, her new family gave her the world! As for Evelyn, she was charged with animal cruelty and had to pay a hefty fine. She was also banned from having pets for 15 years.

Charlotte is now living her best life despite what she has been through. The dog’s resilience and her rescuers’ tenacity will forever be etched in the veterinarian’s mind, reminding him that through love, anything is possible!

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