Man Dumped His ‘Blistered’ Puppy In A Box And Placed Her On Shelter’s Doorsteps


Abby, a tiny and frightened puppy, was found shaking and scared in a small box after being surrendered by her previous owner. Covered in blisters all over her face, Abby’s situation was heartbreaking. However, despite her condition, her tail never stopped wagging. She had this incredible will to live even in a painful, weakened state.


For the first two weeks after being taken in by her foster mom, Dina, Abby’s condition did not improve. The blisters on her face worsened, and she didn’t want to be touched. She would retreat to her kennel, lying there and crying. Dina took her to the vet, where they conducted numerous skin tests, blood tests, and other examinations to determine the cause of her condition.


With the right treatment, Abby began to come out of her shell. She started playing with other dogs, sitting for treats, and showing excitement when her foster mom approached. Abby’s unique personality began to shine through. Her newfound appetite was an excellent sign. She would try to snatch Dina’s food as she ate.


Dina decided to teach her how to play fetch and bought her a variety of toys. Abby’s playful and curious nature became more apparent as she enjoyed taking cotton out of pillows, going for walks, and running around. She loved to explore and smell everything around her, showcasing her unique personality.

Although Abby’s health improved, the scabs on her face caused her to lose her hair, leaving her head completely hairless. This, combined with her adult teeth growing in with an underbite, gave her a distinctive appearance that made her look like she was always smiling.


With each accomplishment, Abby’s foster mom became more and more excited about her progress. Abby has come a long way from the frightened, suffering puppy found in a box. She is now a happy, playful, and loving dog who is truly enjoying her new life.


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