Man Promises Dog Who Kept Getting Returned That His Heart Is Now Safe

A rescue puppy named Abe was saved along with his sister from Puerto Rico. His sister Abbie found a home without a problem but Abe was another story. Abe was adopted and then returned. John, the online editor at The Dodo, noticed Abe one day at work and asked his coworker Jordan about him. That’s when John learned about his sad tale.

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The Dodo is a company that revolves around animals so it’s only natural that dogs are allowed in the office. After being returned the first time, Abe found another forever home. The employees threw a goodbye party for him. John was happy that Abe was given a second chance. However, to his dismay, John saw a post from Jordan only a few days later that said Abe was returned once again! How could this be?!

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John had heard enough. He couldn’t accept that the dog was treated this way so he made it his mission to change Abe’s life. John called his girlfriend and told her that he was bringing the dog home. John also changed Abe’s name to Bean, after Kobe Bryant’s middle name. It was time for a fresh start for this deserving pup. The couple vowed that until Bean found a permanent forever home that wouldn’t give him back, he would stay with them.

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Soon, John figured out why Abe was likely returned. This puppy was destructive and needed a lot of discipline. He says in the video, “there’s no end to the devastation this puppy can cause.” Then Covid hit and Bean had to pack up with his foster parents and leave town. This saddened John because Bean was finally adjusting to his new Brooklyn foster home. The story continues and is one you cannot miss!

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